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  1. Dicky mint

    Horwool 84 triple x

    Hi Stormin. I am from Ribble Valley small village called hurst Green near clitheroe originally. Live in Langho near Blackburn now.
  2. Dicky mint

    Horwool 84 triple x

    Thanks everyone I have printed out the engine manual. One has a external coil not sure on wiring to it though as all unattached when we got it. Will drag them out and get some fresh fuel and oil in them.
  3. Dicky mint

    Horwool 84 triple x

    Best I can take at minute will empty garage soon and get some proper snaps. One appears in reasonable condition but has been stood a long time the other not as good! Hoping between the two I will get one looking top notch. Both have split tires so moving them is hard work
  4. Dicky mint

    Horwool 84 triple x

    Hi all New member here. I have just bought a pair of Horwool Triple X 84's to hopefully do up and get running. the only problem being that i do not have a clue what i am doing. I bought them for nostalgic reasons as my Grandad had one when i was younger. Any tips on where to begin, where to get parts etc is much appreciated! Cheers