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  1. Joe, Bumping up an old post. Any villiers bits? Need some mk25c bits. Cheers
  2. Been a while since I have been on here. A house move, baby girl, new job e.t.c e.t.c. But myself and pops have made another Bolens purchase! We managed to get a nicely restored bolens 1000 of a neighbour on the weekend that just needs a tiny once over. Variety of attatchments (most home made) bit there is a tiller, roller, lawn rake, some sort of plough / grader. Nice little tipper trailer as Well. We have also been told there is a plough, sprayer and manual to pick up to go with it. Unfortunately I have used up all my allowed photo space so need to renew my membership. Andrew feel free to pinch the pics of the FB! The only thing I need to get for it is a push starter button. Thanks all!
  3. Hi guys. It's been a while! Pull start cable and also spring have broken on my kohler engine for the pull start. I could repair but wondering if anyone has a kohler there breaking. Or where I can look for parts? Many thanks in advance guys!
  4. Looking good. Best thing would be get then out in the sunshine and start tinkering. Download engine manuals and get them running then work your way through them. The rear brake set up.is the same as.morris minor
  5. Iv just finished mine. These later became known as nicholson turfmaster. Iv not come across a a place to buy parts... I was lucky to.have most bits with mine. I done a full strip down and rebuild with some changes i.e larger rear wheels.
  6. Must keep my eye out at the show for some front lights...
  7. Carb changed... running lovely. Finished off the last few odds and sods. It's not 100% how I want it but close enough. Now ready for a quick clean and il be sorted
  8. Nearly there... carb leaking fuel back out the inlet. Was set up for gravity fed tank but iv fitted pump. Over fueling I pressume now. Swap carbs over now Old man having a test run....
  9. Sorted one from local bearing place. Don't know why I do it to myself and leave it all so last minute haha
  10. Bought another engine - k321. Fresh oil and fired straight up Finished rigging her up properly tonight the just need to get a matching pulley
  11. So after changing engines in the horwool... I'm now after a twin pulley to mate upto the output shaft. 1" internal diamanter. 6mm key way Roughly 80 - 100mm outter diamanter. Anyone have anything that may suit?
  12. Hopefully going to pick up a k321 on a points set up today / tomorrow Fingers crossed
  13. When I bought the tractor it has the trigger wired to +. I think I may have burnt either the trigger module or the ignition coil. It provides its own energy behind the flywheel. Battery is just to turn over Matt
  14. On this machine there isn't any safety wires. It is simply wired up as followed.. I'm worried the problem lies with the trigger module or ignition coil as can't find these parts anywhere
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