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  1. Hallo Winget,

    I just noted your interest in Trojan 'Toraktors'. My Trojan Mk 1 was stolen out of our garage some years ago. I am attaching a pic. It is easily identifiable if it should turn up in your area. Keep an eye out for it in your travels as I would like it back!

    Tim Sargeant, 01580 211376 OR: Tim (at) Permanden .co .uThanks, TCS.

    Toraktor Stolen.jpg

  2. Hi does anyone have a Trojan toraktor toralor I have a original chassis but no steel top does anyone have a original dimensions thankyou
  3. Ime after a trailer like me this one anyone no of one thankyou have you still got it
  4. 885 880 850 780 were all made at factory cropmaster orchards were made outside but vineyard to start from factory.25 orchards were made at drake and Fletcher be nice to find one another of those.vak1 the same hope this helps
  5. Winget tractor 42 mk1 wanted with winch lift none hydraulic and implements why 07922953439 txt anytime
  6. Trojan tractor mk4 wanted to complete collection.also trailer and attachments why? Front skip. 07922953439 anytime or txt
  7. Hi are you the chAp with the mark4 trojan.i am after a trailer and possibility if a mk4 Trojan any help appreciated
  8. As anyone got a MK4 Trojan for sale good price paid
  9. wingetchap

    Mk1 Trojan

    Thankyou what a shame lovely tractor
  10. Let me no if you want to sell this tractor good price happily give you 600.00 maybe more
  11. Hi does anyone no what winget used on there moleboards and shares did they use Ransomes body's or someone else's I have I plough with no body or share.any ideas thanks
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