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  1. Good morning Nigel, You may well be right of course but there is no harm in keeping looking is there. Another enthusiast found his stolen Fergy after many years missing! I can positively identify my Toraktor from the mods I made when I restored it. Regards, TCS.
  2. Still looking for my Trojan 'Toraktor' !!! And it's now 2024 and not found. TCS.
  3. As of June 2024 my Trojan 'Toraktor' is STILL missing. See above. Any sightings to; 01580 211376. Many Thanks, TCS.
  4. Mine was stolen. See pic. Any info gratefully received. Many Thanks, TCS.
  5. Hallo Winget,

    I just noted your interest in Trojan 'Toraktors'. My Trojan Mk 1 was stolen out of our garage some years ago. I am attaching a pic. It is easily identifiable if it should turn up in your area. Keep an eye out for it in your travels as I would like it back!

    Tim Sargeant, 01580 211376 OR: Tim (at) Permanden .co .uThanks, TCS.

    Toraktor Stolen.jpg

  6. Hallo John, I note you are looking for a Trojan 'Toraktor'. Some years ago my Mk 1 was stolen from our garage here in Kent. I have added a pic below. Please keep an eye out for this in your travels. Regards, Tim Sargeant, Goudhurst, Kent. 01580 211376 or: Tim (at) Permanden .co .uk
  7. 1957 TROJAN 'TORAKTOR'' Hallo again to all readers of this forum, I am just giving this another 'push' as the show season will be on us again soon. - My TROJAN 'Toraktor' is STILL missing! Do please keep a look-out for this little machine in your travels. See pic above. Unfortunately I can't get round to ALL the shows! Does anyone know of one of these for sale as I now have grandchildren who would love to take one to the Hadlow Down show. Regards to all, Tim Sargeant. Goudhurst, Kent.....( Tim @ Permanden .co .uk ) OR: Phone: 01580 211376.
  8. Hallo again all you tractor enthusiasts,

    Just to say that my  1957 Trojan 'Toraktor'  is still MISSING and another year has passed.

    I have been to many shows and given out several hundred  'STOLEN'  leaflets but it still hasn't turned up. 

    Just to remind you here's a pic so you know just what it is we are looking for.  It can easily be identified from my own personal modifications.

    According to the police the thieves had connections in Norfolk, Somerset and Cornwall.

    Many Thanks for any help. Tim Sargeant, Goudhurst, Kent. 01580 211376

    Toraktor Stolen.jpg

  9. To all our readers: My Trojan Toraktor Mk1 is still missing. See pic above. I recently heard a rumour that it had been seen in the Herts or Bedfordshire area. Unfortunately the person who gave me that information suddenly went quiet! Why was that I wonder? Any sightings to, Tim (at) Permanden (dot) co (dot) uk Many Thanks. TCS.
  10. Just been re-reading about my Stolen Trojan Toraktor. No leads yet I'm afraid. Hope you are all looking out for it. Regards and Thanks to all readers. TCS.
  11. Good to meet all of you at Biddenden Tractor Fest today and apologies to anyone I missed. Too much time spent talking and I didn't leave until 7:30pm with a sore throat! I didn't realise how many other people had also found themselves suffering at the hands of thieves. It seems that nothing is sacred these days! Doesn't matter what it is some bugger will take it away from you if they get the chance. Anyway I met some very interesting people and handed out fifty of my leaflets so let's hope that my tractor will turn up sometime. Regards to all, TCS.
  12. HeadExam, That is what the Police said too. It will be stashed away until the criminals think it's been forgotten about and then sold a few years down the line. The internet is thankfully international so people overseas are reading these forums. PS: Here in good old England we are still on miles, The continental so & so's have nicked our yards, feet and inches but us old buggers still deal in those! Chris. That is what we thought when someone said it might have been nicked to order. Good spotting on your part though. I regularly run a search for 'Trojan' though Google to see what turns up. Ours comes up in most of the pages with pics on. Have a look if you like, it's the one with the old bloke driving it and it's on the StolenModels.org page with me on it. Regards to all.
  13. Hi Nigel, Good to hear from you. It was you who put me onto this forum last year but I only just got round to doing anything about it. I've looked in a couple of times but all closed up. All the Best to you and wife. Tim.
  14. Is it the 'mature' you are commenting on or the 'gentleman'? I am afraid most of us fit into both those categories these days. TCS.
  15. I might have a go at those then this year if wifey doesn't want to go elsewhere! TCS. PS: There seem to be several of these down in Dorset but I've never been to that show either. Went past once and it went on for miles.Had several 'phone calls from down there.
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