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  1. MowMaster1993

    Westwood T 1200

    Hi Steve, This looks like I nice and tidy Westwood. Good luck on the project, I'm sure your son will really love the tractor.
  2. MowMaster1993

    One of the first Westwood Gazelles

    Thanks Wristpin! That's interesting! Funny how older lawn tractors seem to hold up well, I wonder what the average age of a UK tractor is, my friend who services lawn tractors says it's pretty old, but I think that's a good thing that these vintage machines are still going.
  3. MowMaster1993


  4. MowMaster1993

    One of the first Westwood Gazelles

    Hi everyone, I'm new here to the forum and just wanted to say I'm really enjoying this thread. It's good to see an original Westwood W11 being preserved, I think these are classic machines now, they look really cool and are very tough. I have a lot of good memories of these machines! Look forward to seeing more! Happy New Years!