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  1. Thank you. It’s been a interesting fun project. A special Thank You to everyone from this group that help with information direction and the diaphragm needed to get it running. This unit was part of a bunch of surplus tools from the US Army. 2nd PLAT on the fuel tank. The unit belongs to a good friend. He ask me to see if I could get it running as he will be putting it up For Sale. Dennis
  2. Thank you everyone for helping me out with my project. 1975 Drillgine. Received the diaphragm today. It runs. Just need to make some final adjustments.
  3. I cleaned all the contact points and have a good spark. I think it will run once I get the diaphragm and get the carb put back on. Dennis
  4. Thanks for all the info David I came up with the date of 1967 from a operation instruction sheet that came with it. Issued date of 1967 Revised date of 1971. The air cleaner is one piece and the material inside is bad. I will check and clean all the areas you recommended. I will get that diaphragm ordered. Thank you Dennis
  5. I recently purchased this 1967 Drillgine. It’s in good condition. But I haven’t been able to get it running. It seems to be getting intermittent spark and I found the primer pump was plugged. The fuel inlet to the pump was plugged. The diaphragm is hard and distorted. I don’t have any instructions or diagrams to work from. The numbers on the cylinder plate is 13B352 5010952 Thank you for any help Dennis.
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