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  1. Thanks I've sorted pulley problem now and had a quick go in the garden with it it works a treat , what a great bit of kit
  2. Here is what someone sent me and here is what I found on the net but it's a bit bigger
  3. Hi thanks for info , the arm is there just pulley I need if I knew the diameter and width of it I could probably find a pulley off the net
  4. Hi me again does anyone own or know where I can get the pulley that takes up the tension on the belt please or maybe a part number even a pulley that I can get that would work from another model cheers
  5. Ok so I've sorted the linkage but I really need to know what pulley I need for the clutch and how its held in place and what fuel tap would fit the tank
  6. Hi thanks for the reply , yes it's the Suffolk engine, I've got a spark so all good there but I need to know how the governor plate and linkage and springs are set up . Also the pulley that attaches to the clutch that applies the tension is missing and I dont know what one to get and how its held on and finally lol the fuel tap is leaking so need to renew it if you could suggest a replacement please
  7. Hi all I bought a westwood gemini and I'm trying to get it started , I need some help sorting out the throttle and governor linkage setup .hopefully someone on here can help me out please
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