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  1. Hey thanks Storming. I might be ok now though... quiet day at work so I cobbled this together 👍
  2. Hi Fix'em, that's fine. Thanks for the pic
  3. Hi Fix’em, that’s a big help, thanks for posting. could you possibly give me some dimensions? Height , length and width would be great. That should be enough for me to be able to fabricate something.
  4. Yes absolutely Fix’em. I gave it a test drive today and it’s fantastic. Really pleased with it.
  5. Hi Guys, would anyone have a plough attachment for a Westwood Gemini or Flymo DM? I would like to make one but I need the dimensions. Any help would be great.
  6. So far so good! The wheels I bought were fitted with needle roller bearings which I removed as the wheels needed to be fixed to the axle which provides the drive. With a centre diameter of 30mm and an axle diameter of 22mm I had to obtain some tubing to act as a bush. The O/D was just the right size but I had to ream out the I/D to fit over the axle shaft. Holes were then drilled to accept the cotter pins to secure them to the axle. Tomorrow, I’m going to weld the wheels to the tubing and continue finishing the wheelbarrow attachment.
  7. More progress on the Gemini. I tried using pipe clamps for hinges that would snap over the front bar/lifting handle but felt they wouldn’t be strong enough so removed them. I came up with an idea that would enable me to lift the barrow attachment onto the bar but remain secure whilst carrying a load. I cut a section out of a pair of eyebolts, just enough to allow them to slip over the bar, and fixed them to a length of steel angle, which also provides some support and rigidity to the bucket. i then used some steel angle bolted to the rear lower edge of the bucket and cut a slot down one side to engage with the bottom of the tipping lever. It looks a bit rough and ready at the moment but it does work really well. Some more tidying up later before painting.
  8. Nigel, you're right. They will be too big for my machine unfortunately. Thanks for looking though, much appreciated.
  9. Paul, I’ll sort out the bucket release mechanism after fabricating the hinges, which I think were made of nylon originally. I don’t think I’ve got any nylon but I might try using some polyurethane material instead. I’m thinking if 2 U shaped pieces which will drop over the tine guard handle when the bucket is tipped upright but hold the bucket in place when it’s lowered. Alan, yes I know... plenty of axle stands. Didn’t realise they were sold in pairs so instead of 10 I got 20!!!
  10. Did a bit more on my barrow attachment today. Top edges rolled over and just tacked together to check panel fit.
  11. Hi Nigel, that’s great, thanks. I’ve seen some online but a bit more than I’d like to pay.
  12. Hi Guys, I am looking for a pair of 10" dia traction wheels and tyres for my Westwood Gemini rotovator. I believe they might be the same size as for the Flymo DM rotovator . The wheels and tyres need to be 10" overall diameter with an axle shaft hole of 7/8" (though I could make bigger or pack out with a bush if needed). I have been told that the tyre size needs to be 300-4. Thanks.
  13. Looking good Paul. Could you post a pic of the bucket release part of it? I have the release lever and spring, I just don’t know how it would work to release the bucket.
  14. Fix’em all, I like the look of the barrow attachment on yours. Had a quiet day at work today so I decided to start fabricating one for my Gemini.
  15. Hi Fix'em all, Nice machine there. I bought two belts, the first one from fleabay which, although the correct size, didn't allow the clutch to operate very well (F&F A540/A20). I then bought a belt from Simply Bearings in Leigh Lancashire which is a cotton dry cover Kevlar reinforced mower wrapped V-belt. Model number is DRYB-4L-K-220/XDV. The clutch now works perfectly and has made a real difference.
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