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    Hi Nigel, yes I will follow your advice. Thank you. Hi Stormin, thanks for the info.
  2. Roy


    Thanks Wristpin for that valuable insight. I am no mechanic, but I do think it rather odd that a company would manufacture a gearbox as a sealed unit, bearing in mind it is a hardworking piece of kit when fitted to a mower doing long hours. It stands to reason that oil or grease is sooner or later going to loose its dexterity and need to be changed. Maybe drilling and tapping a drain and fill hole can be considered.
  3. Roy


    Hello, thanks for the reply. As far as I can tell so far, it is a Foote 35 that was a bought in component. All help appreciated. Thank you. Roy. Hi Stormin, thanks for the input. As far as I know so far it is a Foote 35 geabox. Circa 82 may be earlier. Currently having trouble finding out about it. Looks to be a sealed unit, 2 gears 1 f and 1 r. Mine is a bit tired and very stiff. I suspect it needs stripping and old grease washed out and replaced with modern stuff. All wisdom appreciated. Roy.
  4. Is the transmission of their own manufacture or a bought in one ?

  5. Roy


    Hi Thanks for the reply. Grease would make sense, but it must be old and tired by now and gluing up the works. What do you think? All wisdom welcome.
  6. Roy


    Hi Nigel, I have so far resurrected the Briggs engine and it runs quite well. The action of the gear shift is stiff, and it is necessary to switch off the engine to disengage the gear that I am in, get back to neutral, restart the engine, then engage the other gear. This is a bit of a nuisance. It occurred to me that seeing the age of the gearbox, the lubricant by this time would be past its sell by date and lost its original qualities. As it happens, I have 2 gear box's. The 2nd is on a spare chassis. That one is presently stiffer, but it seemed an idea to take it apart and clean out the old oil, then replace with new. Any advice is welcome. Cheers, Roy
  7. Roy


    Thanks Paul and Nigel for your comments. Is it possible to "split the case" open up the gearbox, give it a clean out, replace oil and rebuild? As anybody done it? Thanks, Roy.
  8. Roy

    Thanks Nigel, It is what I expected. 

    Got any suggestions?

  9. Roy


    Hi all, I am in the process of rejuvenating a Mowett Mustang 8. As anyone got any ideas how to change or add oil to the gear box, and what grade? I have not been able to find a fill or drain plug on it? Is it a sealed unit? Also a workshop manual would be handy. Thanks, Roy.
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