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  1. nathanielperz


  2. nathanielperz


    Nice Job!
  3. nathanielperz


    You got your self a minion?
  4. nathanielperz

    Power Hacksaw

    Yes it is I hate using a hand hacksaw anymore!
  5. nathanielperz

    Power Hacksaw

    Thank you it does a great job cutting too.
  6. nathanielperz

    Old Drill Press

    If you weren't sooooo far away my father would probably consider selling it to you!
  7. nathanielperz

    Old Drill Press

    Here is my fathers Drill Press. It is for drilling metal. It weighs at least 1800 pounds!!! Here is a pic...
  8. nathanielperz

    Power Hacksaw

    This is my fathers power hacksaw that he got for free at work. It works great all it needed was a blade and motor but we have a few dozen motors. (don't ask why my dads not mine) Here are some pics...
  9. nathanielperz

    To Be Used With Care

    that thing is AWESOME I want one! No I am not a pyro...
  10. nathanielperz

    Raider 16 4x4 articulated -aka project bendy

    Oh nice
  11. nathanielperz

    Horizontal Milling Machine.

    Yea I don't think I want it anymore hahaaha
  12. nathanielperz

    Raider 16 4x4 articulated -aka project bendy

    Hi Mark I have been watching your youtube videos and I saw your testing videos how are you driving the trannys I couldn't seem to find a electric motor or anything... Great Job, Nate
  13. nathanielperz

    Horizontal Milling Machine.

    Can you ship it to the US Ian?
  14. nathanielperz

    Not enough room.

    Get rid of that car and you'll have room for more tractors!!! Just the way my mind thinks...
  15. nathanielperz

    Not exactly a painting....

    Hover Horse?! you guys need to stop giving Ian ideas... Hahaha he makes the coolest stuff though! you could put 3 decks on that thing....