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  1. What was the cost with shipping if you don’t mind me asking?
  2. Great project and very informative videos Joseph, I don’t know where in Norfolk you are but hoping you’ve got enough snow to try it out today!
  3. Started today off by swapping the tyres onto the smaller wheels ... wheel as it came on the tractor first step, split the wheel second step, clean out all the horrible dried out grease one wheel was missing its gasket and the others was in an awful state so I cracked out some gasket paper finished article, unfortunately I’ve not been able to fit it as the previous owner had used metric bolts to fit the wheels ... at her fix for another day!
  4. @Wristpin Thanks for the tip on the air filter, I managed to find a new old stock one on eBay the other day for £1.40 + post so a bit of a bargain! @Triumph66 Thanks, I’ve seen your on a Facebook group I think, that would of been the dream tractor! @Joseph Your right, always good to meet another Norfolk boy! Looks like you’ve got some nice tractors! This morning I cleaned took the wheels apart and fitted the new tyres. Unfortunately a previous owner had jammed some metric bolts in the stub axles, so another job for another day!
  5. Next bits have arrived, I picked up a pair of 4.00-4 tri ribs to try on the front for the bargain price of £12.50 delivered. these might not stay long term but should look much better for now.
  6. I think the rear hubs are original but have been drilled to suit the replacement wheels. The engine was missing the air filter housing but I have managed to source one from an atco which looks the same and fits... now to source an air filter!
  7. it was indeed a lucky find as it was less than an hour from home and I had been looking for a number of years. Thanks for posting up the brochure pages, very interesting to see. The front wheels are still present, I’ve not fully investigated yet as I only picked it up midweek and have been working but it looks like the they have been used as a bearing carrier/hub with the thin ag wheels bolted between the two half’s.
  8. After a long search I’ve finally found a round hood! It’s far from perfect but should be a nice little project. it came with the original engine (Tecumseh 6hp electric start) so first job is to get that running and fit it. It also came with the original deck so once the engine it back on I will source a new belt and see if I can get the deck working. I also need to try and source some different wheels and an original steering wheel.
  9. I don’t have anything in the way of a vintage garden tractor at the moment, several old mowers and other vintage equipment. I’ve wanted one since I was knee high as my dad was an agricultural engineer so I was brought up around full size tractors, a mini one seemed just right at the time and the want for one has never really left me .i’ve Been looking for one seriously for about 3 years having promised myself one for my 30th ... I started looking about a year before my birthday and I turned 32 last Monday. I was watching the round hood lawn ranger but didn’t buy as it wasn’t the dream tractor ... after someone else bought it I got reverse buyers remorse and really regretted not buying hence my post on here. Are there any any other forums you can recomend to keep an eye on? I’m already on red square. Thanks Chris, have sent you a PM.
  10. Lol ... I understand it’s a very long shot but I thought if you don’t ask ... i’ve been Looking into the possibility of buying a hood and fenders from the US and building something up from parts.
  11. I’ve been looking for a round hood wheel horse for a while, I saw one when I was a child and i’ve Wanted one ever since ... anyway if anyone has a RJ or Suburban that needs a new stable then I would love to own one, one day. I would also consider any other round hoods. damian
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