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  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes. The cake was far too small for all the candles and I can’t imagine Joseph waiting on me lol
  2. Happy birthday Chris, I hope you have a great day
  3. Hi Alan, I was allowed to have a little go but not much Iain
  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes, it is a big one this year
  5. Happy very belated birthday Norm, I hope you had a great day. Sorry I missed your birthday, I put it down to my age
  6. Happy birthday Joseph. I hope you enjoyed your cards and presents and today was not too difficult at school Dad
  7. slf-uk

    John Deere 110

    Great score Tom, it looks very good. It would be great to arrange to pop over for a look at some point. Iain
  8. Happy birthday Andrew, I hope you had a good day. Best wishes Iain
  9. Happy birthday Chris, I hope you had a great day. Best wishes Iain and Joseph
  10. Happy birthday Paul, I hope you had a great day
  11. Thanks for the birthday wishes, it is very much appreciated. Iain
  12. Fantastic job Chris, it looks great. Iain
  13. Wow that head was a mess but it looks like you are doing a great job with it. Do you buy your Kohler parts in the UK or in the US?
  14. At Rural Past Times last year when we were doing some ploughing, we had a bit of an issue with the heat from the exhaust heating up the fuel. We decided to make a new exhaust and the aim was to have it exit the hood as close to original as possible. It turned into a bigger job than expected. Joseph made a video of the new creation, as usual I was the cameraman but I did get to do a couple of jobs
  15. After finishing the last project I thought it was time for a bit of a rest but Joseph had other ideas. The new project is a 1964/5 Bolens 900 which has been in storage since 2004, which was before he was born. As usual my role is one of cameraman. A quick introduction by Joseph aka Garden Tractor Boy
  16. slf-uk

    1975 Bolens G14

    Thanks for your support chaps With regard to the organ grinder or the monkey, I know my place. Anyone got a banana?
  17. Happy birthday Ian, I hope you have a great day
  18. Spring has sprung and it was time to get the HT23 ready for grass cutting. The good news is Joseph did most of the maintenance but unfortunately he now does most of the driving too. I could not believe how much our grass has grown over the last week or so.
  19. slf-uk

    1975 Bolens G14

    Dad does not get much look in these days Iain
  20. Thinking back to the summer 2018 shows, It might be worth getting a mobility scooter that has a collision prevention system Iain
  21. slf-uk

    1973 Bolens G10

    Hi Alain, probably easier to just post a picture of it Iain
  22. We were caught out by the snow last year and had to rush around getting the snow blade out of storage. Joseph wanted us to be prepared this year just in case we get snow. He had made a video of the preparation
  23. Half a Horse looks great and you have done a fantastic job Alan. Now this project has come to an end, I will miss the updates but I am looking forward to reading about the next project. Iain
  24. Alan, I am sure you know who got in trouble for letting him mess up the grass
  25. We replaced the battery and make up some new battery leads for the Estate Keeper. Joseph did the work, it took him a long time but he got it done
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