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  1. old allis


    hi i have a german made normg c10fitted with a faryman d40 engine , does any one out there have the same , would like to exchange info. Mike G
  2. old allis

    old allis

  3. Hello and Hi you may have seen that i have just become a member , recently i bought an ohlssen&rice compact no1 ,it had been fitted into a large model boat ,i bought because i like that ind of thing . have a small collection of vintage model aero engiines , my faverites those made in America during the 1940/50 period espcialy those with spark ignition , allways wanted one when i was a kid but didnt have the money . Back to the O&R , i cant figure out how the carb diafram gets it paule...

  4. old allis

    O & R Carb Repair Tutorial

    Hello good morning Webhead , thanks for replying so promptly to my request , Please give me your price and i will figure a way of getting the money to you . If you have Paypal it would be very easy i think . Another problem i have since encounterd is the recoil spring is weak and one of the ratchet pawls is missing the little spring . SO can you also supply a new recoil spring and two ratchet pawls . Your help with this project will make me a very happy man . Good luck with all you do . Regards from Hampshire England Mike Guilford EMAIL mikeguilford456@btinternet.com
  5. old allis

    Ohlsson Rice 0.75hp engine

    Hello i have just bought an engine like yours , mine had been instaled in a large model boat , as already commented the cacburretor and diafram fuel pump are missing from you engine . I also have some parts missing . good luck with your collecting Mike Guilford
  6. old allis

    O & R Carb Repair Tutorial

    HI to everybody i have just joined this forum and trying to find my way around , my interests are vintage tractors ,3 Allis Chalmers , 1 Normag C10 , 1Bolens garden tractor . Also i like to biuld old motor cycles to my own specification . A third hobby is collecting vintage model engines , this leads to recently buying an Ohlsson and Rice 3/4 HP boat engine , unfortunately the diafram pump assemble is missing from the carburettor . Can any one out there sell me any of the parts or carb complete ,or point me in the right direction . Regards to all Mike G .