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  2. I was trying to find out what it was for ages thought it was Merry Tiller but couldn't find any info on the model. It was a beast of a thing. Just found this now.
  3. Sold now so a bit irrelevant but anyone have any info on this?
  4. Well had a play around took battery off and put back on, tapped the solenoid and it did the trick, started on first turn. Happy days. Next thing is headlights. Can you still get them or is there an alternative? I was thinking of an LED upgrade.
  5. Thanks for quick replies. Key turning ok and solenoid just clicking. Going to check it over with multimeter today. Can startermotor be connected directly to 12v to test it?
  6. Hi all. New to forum. Just acquired a Westwood Gazelle W11. Seller said battery was flat but it would start with pullstart. Found out that the battery is ok but still won't start with starter. Is there a way of checking the starter motor and solenoid for faults? Thanks in advance. Andy
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