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  1. In 2015 I bought a Little Giant from The Showman, I think it had belonged to John, ho had a large collection in Sussex. I cleaned it up and have had it on show a few times but I've now fitted a new lead. I gave it a try tonight and it runs!
  2. Bantams came in various widths, mine's a 10" but you could have 14" as well.....
  3. I was going to say the clutch might be stuck but yours is out, so easy to check. The Vivas we had seemed to suffer from this, I was dragged a few miles round the lanes with my foot holding the clutch pedal down and the engine turning till eventually it let go.
  4. Doesn't work for me!
  5. Unfortunately not the models I need, anyone got a recoil starter for a 494?
  6. Great pictures, George, great fun was had by all!
  7. Were you down Yesterday's Farmin with 'un?
  8. In spite of the dire warnings of gales and rain I set off with car and trailer to Puckington, expecting to be towed through the gate. But no problem, the ground was hard ad dry! Set up tent next to Charlie Moore and Breeze and I got our heads down. Windy and drizzle on Saturday but all tents survived....
  9. When I was working in the Mendip Mower Co., in 1962 we had a contract to do all Wiltshire County Council's mowers and tractors. I reckon Norman Currel and I did hundreds of those Ransomes Gang mowers. We stripped, cleaned, sharpened and repainted them, we replaced the cylinder blades where necessary. Gear oil was SAE 140 we nearly had to put it in with a spoon it was so cold! They used them in threes, some had steel wheels, some had pneumatic tyres. We also had a number of big Dennis Mowers and 3 Trusty Steeds.
  10. I thought it was a Bath registration but I've found that it was registered in Bristol, 1979 or 1980. There are two possibilities for previous owners: Bristol Water Works or Wessex Water....
  11. Will-Haggle


  12. On Saturday I attended Lotmead PYO Farm at Wanborough, Swindon. A good turnout of machines but only two ride-on tractors, a Winget and a Gunsmith. More pictures when I've uploaded Shrink-pic!
  13. Sorry, I should have mentioned it's owned by Ian Malkin, who also has a Martin Markham Colt deluxe, picture also taken at Selwood last Sunday.....
  14. I saw this machine at the Selwood Rally, Nr Trowbridge, Wilts last weekend. It turns out to be a Cyclo made by Cylinder Developments, this one is a Mk III P as it has a driven wheel, the Mk III H has no drive to the wheels. Engine is a Villiers Mk 2G, 70cc two stroke. Cutter bar is the same as a Merry Tiller, I've posted a picture of my Merry Tiller with it's cutter bar for comparison....
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