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Panther 101 Hydraulic Power Pack.

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As Ive now have almost finished my other Power Packs (just waiting for a couple of little parts to finish),

I thought I'd turn my attention to my Panther 101. The main reason I wanted one of these packs is that

the chap who designed them sold the Solite rights to JCB then went straight out and set up a new company

and designed this, changing it just enough that JCB couldn't stop him. Hopefully this should look good with my

display The machine is very rough, however it does run very well with a slight blow on the exhaust. I thought

I wasn't going to be able to date it as the i.d tag has fallen off, but by luck found a very faintly stamped set of

numbers somewhere else on the chasis  which puts it at 1985- exactly the same age as my wife!

 Ive managed to obtain an original manual- and by chance Ive discovered that I know the chap whos legs are

in the second photo on the cover. Tonight I stripped all the rust and the minute amount of paint that was left

on the chasis and given it several coats of etch primmer followed by Tackechi Red top coat ( The closest

match I could find).But the photos of this will have to wait as I forgot to take my camera with me today.

Although the engine is almost the same as the Solites, it should be a lot less of a headache to sort out as

theres no electric start fitted to this machine.

The part that ive given the most thought to is the top frame, this has a chrome finish that like the rest of the

pack has quite a bit of corrosion. To have it re-chromed is out side of my budget so im going to see how good

I can get it with a rattle can of Chrome effect paint.










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Thought I'd investigate the blow on the exhaust. - Was a bit shocked to see how much was missing

under the chrome cover as it genuinely sounded like a very small hole! I do have a slightly better one

in my store, not perfect but should suffice until I can turn up a couple of better condition ones.

The Paint is now dry on the chasis, I fitted the end caps and tried to fit the wheels, unfortunately

they were too long for the axle so had to be thinned down with the grinder.

The tin work off the engine has been soaked in paint stripper, then run over with a flap disc,

now ive got the time consuming job of filling all the dents and pitting, still its easier than stripping the

Nylon coating off the jcb's.








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Today ive been painting the engines tin work. Ive  also sorted out a better exhaust, - just got to drill out 3 broken studs in it.

After hunting high and low I found out a NOS fuel top, also 2 serviceable sheer mounts, which were also repainted.

The fan housing and hydraulic tank were also given the paint stripper treatment, (after it finally stopped raining.)

The top of the hydraulic tank was filled and given several coats of paint, followed with a NOS hydraulic oil cap that was

knocking about the workshop.










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Been a bit busy today but have managed to get the main of the fan housing/hydraulic tank sprayed up.

I hate painting things in white as its so hard to get a good finish.




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Been using my high tech spray booth again today, lol. This time to paint the engine support brackets.

Ive also refitted the sight glass after giving it a clean up (the metal hoses will be painted in a couple

of days with some gold paint ive got that looks similar to the original anodised finish.)

 Then I stripped the remaining items off the engine in order to give the aluminium a clean up, yet again

the one exhaust nut refused to play ball, its allways this one on Honda G400's for some reason.





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Cleaned the engine up today and then started to build it back up.  Also I started to build up the chasis.

The new air filter and castor arrived in the post so at least its now mobile.









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WOW! What did you clean that engine up with? :bow:

I used an acid alloy wheel cleaner, then a powerful(bores through Tarmac) hot pressure washer, followed up with an etch areosole aluminium finish paint, looks almost identical to original and seems to withstand the temperature of the engine running.

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Went to the unit early this morning and fitted the engine into the chasis, it was very tricky to get a spanner in to tighten

up some of the nuts on the mounts. I dug out another new old stock radiator, this came with a job lot of JCB parts, but

as luck would have they are identical.

The metal pipes were rubbed down then sprayed in gold, due to light the photos make it appear darker than it really is.

Finally today I started rubbing the filler on the fuel tank down. Will probably need a few more layers before its ready for paint.










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Thank you both for your compliments. Just been out in the garden rubbing down a second mix of filler on the tank, it's finally starting to take shape.

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Made a bit more progress with this pack today. New switch was fitted,a new gasket was made up for the tank and then assembled.

The carb was overhauled and the air filter assembly straightened and fitted. I also refurbished the valve block, luckily the hydraulic filter

is the same as used on some modern CAT power packs.

The final job for today was to plumb in all the hydraulics.











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Be nice to see your machines at a show sometime. And you of course. :)

I'm going to see what I can do for next year. I haven't done any shows scince Tractor World in 2011 because a few weeks later Keri(my wife) told me she was pregnant. Now the little un is 3 and a half so I should be able to start doing some again. It will also be nice to start seeing forum members again, rather than just taping away to them.

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Got the fuel tank all but straight today, theres still a few minor ripples left,- I'm guessing it was suffering from years of

having the breaker and hose thrown on top of it as most people who use power packs seem to do. The weather with

us was very damp so it has a slightly matt finish to it. On the next dryish day i'll give it another coat and see if I can

get it to gloss up. Then it will be decaled up like the Solites tank. Then just the Exhaust heat shield and top frame left

to do now.


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How many power packs is that now? Four? What next? :D

it's 5 actually, this one, a solite, a beaver 1and2 and a compact 2,once finished I'm going to press on with the period breakers for them, then who knows.... Originally it was only meant to be one power pack, but I accidentally bought the others, I hope to get a video of them all running up on YouTube soon.

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