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What Pressure Washer to buy?

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Here's another question!

My pressure washer blew up earlier this year and I been meaning to get another. I was not altogether impressed with the Halfords one. I have seen several Stihl branded ones at the local John Deere dealership at contractors' prices. I will be using it to wash off the cars, tractors, mowers as well as some of customers' patios. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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I have used a electric 1750 PSI unit for 5 years so far, it cost 119.00 back then and when it goes out I will buy another electric one. The gas models are great if you want to take the chrome off of a bumper, but they are loud, they put out more pressure than needed, they take routine maintenance, and cost money for gas and oil. You can buy two to three electric models for what one gas models runs, if each electric model runs 5-7 years, that 10-21 years, say 15 years to average, no gas, no oil and I doubt many gas models would run 15 years. The electric models take up less room than the average vacuum and are light weight to move about.

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