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Charlie Smith

New Toys Picked Up Today

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Well today I picked up my new toy(s) to keep my busy this year. As most of you know I've wanted a bigger scale tractor for a while now and the right opportunity came along last week. I will still be exhibiting my smaller rides on's at many shows and meets along with you lot but I now have something different to play with as well!.... can never have enough! :lol:  An old boy was selling his 1950 Ferguson TEA-20 tractor so I went and had a look, Its far from mint, but it starts, drives and all hydraulics work perfectly (the brake are a bit sharp too :lol: ) It needs a restoration over the summer and thankfully new parts are readily available and at a quite cheap cost as well. I plan on replacing all the taps, caps, hoses, nuts, bolts, seat cushion and steering wheel etc, along with all new oils and filters and of course give it a good all round service. I haven't done much to it today in fact nothing at all, only check the oils and then go for a quick play over the back fields however all the name plates have been painted over out of curiosity I sat and scratched one off and it revealed a plate that read. SUSSEX TRACTOR LTD Ferguson Main Dealers 33 THE HIGH STREET, UCKFIELD so it turns out it started its life not very far from me at all.


I was very happy with the deal we had come up with and thought It cant get much better.... but then it did, the old boy was pleased I am going to restore it and show it again, after a chat he chucked in 2 Lister D engines with loads of spares, a water pump for the engines and some sort of root cutter. I already have one of these Lister D type engines so that now makes 3 of them :lol: 


Here is some pictures, I hope to keep you all updated as and when I do bits and bobs to the machines! 



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