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Orline Challenger Mark-IID Chainsaw

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Here are some pictures of my Orline Challenger Mark IID chainsaw, it has the larger model 20A engine, with a different (early?) starter housing to other model 20A engines I've seen.






I had intended to take some better pictures, but started work to find out why the fuel line was missing, after looking at the carb to identify the type for another forum member.

To get to the fuel outlet on the tank requires removing the engine from the saw frame, unfortunately I'm currently waiting for a socket to arrive to remove the last part preventing engine removal, the compression release valve. Everything else has either been removed or loosened ready.

I also found the missing (when bought) carb choke lever screw stuck to the flywheel magnet!








I managed to obtain maintenance manuals for both the model 20A engine and this chainsaw, they have been scanned & turned into pdf files and added to the manuals thread.




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I was contacted by revmix earlier this week by PM for information on the Magneto coil & condenser type fitted to this saw, I thought it would be a good idea to add the information here too.


A quick look at my 1977 ESA service guide gives the following O&R part numbers;

Coil with core & leads 400010, coil only 400305/400350

Condenser 400293

The O&R model 20A-256 parts diagram lists the condenser as 200110 & coil assembly 400010.


I believe the ignition parts for the Model 20A engine were made by Wico, so new standard pattern parts may fit. The coil in mine has the Wico part no. X18086, but I get no results searching for that number.


The model 20A-256 parts diagram, model 20A engine maintenance manual & Challenger maintenance manual can all be found on this thread;



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I was also asked about the carb type for this saw.


The carb fitted to my Challenger saw is a Walbro HDC6.

Note that the model 20A maintenance manual has an error, as the carb has a right angle fuel inlet and the manual shows an incorrect carb model no. below the picture.


Here are some pictures that I posted on the Ford Eagle saw thread a couple of years ago.















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