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Wheel Weights.

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Re-fitted them today.




 Gave them a little test pulling the saw bench to the workshop. Before, the wheels would just dig holes in the loose stones. With the weights fitted, pulled the SB up the slope from where it resides and into the yard with no wheel slip whatsoever. :)5a7dc33dec337_DSCF0007(2).JPG.b8b89af81da84f6d697218fb2ed398f1.JPG




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   It originally had those steel spoked wheels, Andrew. Just a pea sized pebble would stop a wheel turning. I found the wheel spindles were the same size as series Land Rover front spindles. Having a complete set of hubs lying about and more wheels than enough, I thought it a good idea to fit them.

  I had to widen the saw bench axle to get clearance for the tyres. The SB axle is square bar with the ends turned down for the spindles. This was cut in half and tube a neat fit used to extend the axle. Welded in place of course. Draw bar from more stuff lying about and the jack came from a now defunct trailer at the farm.



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