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New use for old Kitchen Unit

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Started this several years ago. Had kept back an old Top Box unit from the old 1962 units when I ripped out the old kitchen of my workshop property..

Units were fixed to the walls with Cut Floor Brad nails !, so not easy to save undamaged. The Units were good quality wood with machined Dovetails -




I managed to get 2 slices of about 6 inch sections to make 2 Storage boxes for my machine tools.

I also had a good old sheet of 1/2" Mahogany Marine Ply for the bases and Lids, so I made them in the style of the old Georgian Military Campaign Chests.

Bases are Glued and Screwed (18 in each) to carry at least 20 kgs of bits-




The Lift Handles and Lever Latches were obtained in an old Ironmonger type shop in France, but I had to make the Brass Catch Plates set into the lids. 

Outside surfaces were dark stained and built up layers of Yacht Varnish roughly applied until the wood grain was filled, along with inside bases and Lids.

Got more Brass corner plates to make, but more or less ready for the insides to be sectioned for the various tool layouts.

Last few days I've been making a little stowage box for the recently obtained Dial Indicator. Measures 4 x 3 x 2. 3/4"-




Also utilised an old Reserve Port Box with sliding lid for storage of my Surface Gauge (just long enough)-







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