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The County Barn, My Honey Hole

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Our county maintenance barn has 3 large roll offs to allow resident to dump anything they want except tires, in the last year I have gotten 30 illegally dumped tires amd sold 20 of them to finance a new set on my 14 foot trailer. I've found a Troy bilt Horse tiller, a microwave, and lots of square and round tube and pipe. A few months ago I found an axle with two dead tires and a couple of weeks ago I was there when some kid was unloading what he said was a flat bed project for a little Chevy truck. Well I got the welder out last week and  (wear a shirt and shoes) and got it together as a little 6 x 8 tilt trailer. I had to buy the tires, lights, light brackets. and wiring harness and hitch. My neighbor gave me the fenders.






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1 hour ago, Triumph66 said:

Tidy work.

I'm thinking about adding another stake on each side to strengthen the trailer and balance the look

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