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hiya new to this so please be nice, I've just brought a wheel horse c101 ride which keeps loosing its spark and when it does have a sparkles really weak and we cant get it running is there anything that we need to look out for? 

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Welcome to the Forum.

                                    I other thing to check before buying any parts is to check all earth/ground connections in the Ignition circuits.

Your Tractor model commenced in 1979 and has (should have) an Engine cradle with Anti vibration mounts.

It calls for a cable to be fixed to an engine point and the cradle in order to maintain a good earth(ground) to make the circuits.They need to be clean metal contact.

Diagram of the link cable (47) example for you-



If any become rusted, the resistance increases and subsequently reduces current flow. This can restrict the current from the Coil, through the S/Plug to earth/ground.

Earth/Ground connections include Solenoid, Condenser bodies, as well as the engine to frame.

If the Starter motor spins the engine over ok, then that cradle to engine earth wire is proving a good connection, so you can check the other items mentioned

If this doesn't help with the spark strength, then you may have to replace some parts.

If you have a multimeter, you can test most of the parts and connections to see what you need. You can also set the static ignition timing accurately with it too.      

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