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8 speed wheel horse box help please

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So, this seems to be becoming quite a big job this thing!


I have milky (but not brown) gearbox fluid, a bad shift boot that needs replacing, in low ratio it will happily shift 1 way between 2 gears and not the other and I have horizontal movement on the axle on the left hand side.


I think I'm looking at shift boot, seals, bearings and maybe a worn gear from shifting on the move?

It's got the larger axle.


Where can I get these parts in the UK and is it a diy job?


Thanks for any help!

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 If the gear lever boot is kaput, that's where the water will have got in. Seals and bearings I get from a national company called Eriks. Maybe a depot near you. Have you drained the oil from the gearbox? Anything in it beside water? The movement on the axle will be a worn needle roller. That's in the axle itself. You could gently pull the hubs off with a puller of some kind. DO NOT hit them with a hammer. They are cast steel and will break.

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Well after all that great info on wheel horse junkies I feel some what better, thanks for all the help on there Mark 👍


I've not dropped the oil yet as I want to make sure the engine runs well (just waiting on the filter then trying it) and then I'm moving onto the box.


I've seen the video guide on the 6 speed if that very similar to my 8 speed?

I feel out of my depth 😂 but excited by it all haha


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