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Getting ready for winter.

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  Been getting the log stocks up this afternoon. There was quite a pile requiring splitting. Number 3 grandson was going to split them during the school holidays. But he went and got himself a summer job at a local holiday camp. :rolleyes: So all left to me, so I thought I'd better make a start.


  Finished cutting and stacking this lot of smaller stuff.




  Then I started on this lot. Half done when I took this photo.




  Several barrow loads later, lost count of how many.




This 3ft wide x 8ft long x 4ft high cage ended up 3/4 full.




  It's really hard work splitting logs with a splitting mall. So.…….










  I got this log buster. :D






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  Had another day with chainsaw, saw bench and log splitter. Still got about 1-1/2 ton of 2-3ft dia 5yr old Leylandie to cut and split. But that will have to wait for a while. All log storage space is now full. But I do now have room for the felled trees in the field opposite. As soon as they've harvested, I'll be in there. :thumbs:

  Must admit the log splitter was a good buy. Saves a lot of back ache and time. Should have bought one years ago.


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Been doing the same these last two days and totally agree about the log splitter, I've had one for ten years and it has saved a lot of backache and time over the years.

Have also been doing my bit to save the planet by using an old oil tank as a wood store


Might not need so much this year as the project of the last three years, my 1937 Triumph Gloria Vitesse Tourer is now back on the road.


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 That Triumph is superb. :bow:


 Just as well I got that wood above logged and stored, when I did. Mate of mine has bought a property north of Dumfries and called last Sunday. Left about 1-1/2 ton of logs behind. :thumbs:

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Maybe I'll do a topic in the restoration section about all the blood sweat and tears expended over the last three years on the Triumph but I don't have nearly as many photos of before, during and after that most folk seem to put up.
I've still some back up logs to split yet.

We had a lot of wind blown trees a few years ago and ran out of space.

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