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Toy Land Rover series 2

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Hi All, 


Not had much time for my other toys recently, not even tested the Wheel Horse charging system i was planning to do just after Christmas! Ive been busy building this:



Toy Land Rover series 2 :D Ive spent most of the day driving round the garden in this awesome weather. Got to test these things you know ;)



Top speed of 6 miles per hour, which is actually ample in something like this round the garden B) It is a large garden ;)



Powered by this :huh:  yeah right :P  working model Haynes engine just for fun and show.



Folding windscreen.



Working front and rear lights and indicators. Plus a drop down tailgate.



Speed controller from crawl to 6 mph, with high and low range.



Its a squeeze for an adult, but easily takes 2 children up front. 

cheers, Daniel


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Thanks Guys.

I made it from plans in a book with all the sizes ready to transfer on to the plywood. Its a half scale.

Ian, funny you should mention the V8, I bought the 4 cylinder months ago when it was on special offer thinking it may squeeze under the bonnet, now i realise i could easily fit the V8 model in there, next time mate ;)

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Cool! another one. Question is do you drive it when the grandchildren are not looking ;)

Like Stormin said, 'Toylander'

I have driven it but it's not very comfortable.I prefer the wheelhorses to drive.


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