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  1. Robins

    Wheel Horse rear attachment bracket.

    Sorry, bracket sold on eBay a while back and forgot to update this advert. thanks, Daniel
  2. Robins

    WH 8 speed Rear axle.

    Still available. Keep tripping over it as still no electric in the garage for lights. Can strap it on a pallet if you wanted to arrange for collection? Got some other bits and a complete 312-8 for sale if of interest?
  3. Robins

    Wheel horse gear box.

    Hi, Not sure if you got this sorted but i'v an 8 speed wheel horse axle/gearbox from a raider i believe, if your still after one? http://myoldmachine.com/topic/2589-wh-8-speed-rear-axle/ cheers.
  4. Robins

    rear 8.5" wide by 12" wheels

    Tyres now gone as Andrew says. Genuine wide wheels still available Will take £35 the pair to move them on. Also got a Wheelhorse 312-8 for sale if interested.
  5. Robins

    WH 8 speed Rear axle.

    I have found the missing hub, so both are included with the axle now.
  6. Robins

    WH 8 speed Rear axle.

    Well here the photo, dust comes free with it One hub removed for some reason, I'll see if i can find it around, not sure if it was even there when i bought it. PM me your interest. Thanks.
  7. Robins

    WH 8 speed Rear axle.

    8 speed rear axle, 3 forward 1 reverse with high and low range. Bought as a spare, but selling as i need the money, bought from a chap who broke the tractor for a damaged engine and assures me this axle is good. been stored in my dry garage. Photo seems to have disappeared from taking it to uploading it, so will take another tomorrow. Collection from Sturminster Newton. £90 ono PM me your interest.
  8. Robins

    rear 8.5" wide by 12" wheels

    Sorry for delay on photos. Collection from Sturminster Newton Dorset. Here are the wheels, in grey primer, and black where the tyres fits over. £80 ono as above. And here are Andrews tyres on offer for £50 optional extra. Size above is correct.
  9. Robins

    rear 8.5" wide by 12" wheels

    I am selling my pair of rear wheels made by firestone, 8.5JA (8.5" wide) by 12" diameter. If you put a pair of 10.50 wide tyres on them, they'll look the business as wider than normal wheels. Currently in grey primer for you to paint your own choice of colour depending what tractor you wanted to fit them on. They've been fitted to my Wheel Horse Electro 12, 312-8, Andrews Bolens 1254, and a John Deere 140 all without issues. I understand these are rare to find this wide! Includes tubes. I'm after £80 ono for the pair. and will include tyre fitting for free if you bring a pair of tyres with you when collecting, but do remember they are only in primer so up to you (also happy to fit tyres if you return once wheels painted). collection only. PM me your interest. Photo's to follow very soon. Andrew (Triumph66) has a pair of 'Turf tyres' for sale that are currently in my garage. He wants £50 for the pair. Size i believe are 23x10.50x12, made by Goodyear, and look to be good condition. Will get a photo of them up very soon as well.
  10. Robins

    HELP! at the end of my sanity with this thing

    Sorry for the fright Andrew You can relax, it's not your Bolens
  11. Well if you do come back to the idea here's my super quiet stack pipe build thread. http://myoldmachine.com/topic/1258-wheelhorse-electro-with-a-stack-pipe/
  12. Robins

    HELP! at the end of my sanity with this thing

    I was in a similar place a while back, turned out my 'new' spark plug was duff, have you tried the old one? I had idle but wouldn't rev up, and after using a spark tester i watched the spark drop out as the revs increased. The spitting is the engine flooding and the fuel igniting in the chamber.
  13. Robins

    Bolens Husky tractor

    Here it is! the famous Wheel Horse TOWING the Bolens photo I get the impression Andrew didn't like this photo being taken Now i'll go hide
  14. Robins

    New addition - Wheel horse 312-8

    Nice to see a tractor working Looks cleaner than my 312-8 at the moment Thanks for sharing the pics. Andrew you could extend your collecting to Wheel Horses and buy my 312-8 complete with deck end of this year beginning of next when i've finished needing two tractors
  15. Robins

    Wheel Horse rear attachment bracket.

    PM sent with explanation to late reply. Still for sale if anyone is interested?