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Corvid catch up.

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For a change from painting everything that doesn't move during this lock down, I have had a dabble a some woodwork.


First to receive my ministrations, was the arch leading down to my woodyard and the pond.

The top was in a rather bad way. Not surprising really after something over ten years at least. So some scrap boards provided the sides. Some more boards, put through the saw bench, provided the slats.P1030289.JPG.1d65dd4e0a4ccd8678ff8458d7abaf28.JPG


  Next on the list was the leant I keep my Saxon trailer, Roller and lawn sweeper under.

 So off with the rotten ply roof.



  Couple of sheets of Stirling board. Screwed down, not nailed.



    Yesterday I laid the felt.



 Finished that by lunch time. So started on the next job. New lids for the coal bunker. Two 14ft T&G planks, obtained along with the Stirling board got cut to length. Talk about good planning. I only had 4" of scrap of each board.  Got those finished today and felted.



  Tomorrow I'll get the hinges and some screws. Also I need to find a couple of boards to cover the gaps either side. Stock of planks and boards is well depleted.



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  I'll think of something Jonathan.


  Coal bunker finished now. Just needs a fresh coat of white paint.




  A nice chrome removable bar to keep it open.





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On ‎5‎/‎16‎/‎2020 at 9:56 AM, expeatfarmer said:

What will you do with all the brownie points ?


No doubt Carol will disagree.:rolleyes:

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