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Another horse.

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 Just realised why I couldn't post any photo's. My subscription needed renewing. :rolleyes:


 So some photo's of the B80.#









   Done some bits and bobs to it.

  Found it had the wrong type of drive belt fitted. It wouldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding. It now has the correct one fitted. Also had to adjust the clutch peddle linkage as well. Far to much movement and when depressed, the idler pulley was going to far and the belt guide was pushing the top run of the belt down. Tightening the belt and making the gears hard to engage. 

  Minor adjustment needed on the carb' linkage as well.

  Couple of more things needed. Steering wheel is not a Wheel Horse item. So that will be replaced sometime in the future when I can get one. Also correct graphics as well.

  You may have noticed the registration plate. Yes! It is registered for road use and I have the reg' document. I may see about fitting it with lights and indicators. Not that I'll be going far. Could raise a few eyebrows outside the village shop. :D

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1 hour ago, expeatfarmer said:

Very tidy Norman you will be able to join in on some road runs now!


  They'd have to be short ones. At a guess 4-5mph max. :rolleyes:

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Tidy machine Norm!. Good find. The steering wheel is a WH Belgium Factory fit (made in Britain). Yours is missing the Centre Boss and had a chrome self adhesive WH decal in the centre.

I gave Roly the spare original S/Wheel & Boss from my C-120 project when I sold him the Tractor. I have a spare decal still if you can/want to find a centre Boss to fit that one.

My 72 Raider 12 when I first found it in 2008 shows the same S/wheel you have-







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