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  1. Chainsaw Shelves Nearly Full

    I might send a few pics of our vintage chainsaw collection, your mind will be blown..... we have 3 huge dan arm chainsaws, the ones that require 2 people, a twin cylinder echo evl. And others might send you a few pics sometime
  2. Wheel Horse C-101

    Anything you could send to N.I. For free?
  3. Wheel Horse 512-D

    Ok, from the little I know hard to find, diesel robin (Fuji-robin) engine, made in Japan, keep oil in it and its bulletproof would love a wheel horse but hard to find in Northern Ireland
  4. MTD Lawnflite parts suppliers or breakers

    We could have one of those in our lawnmower scrapyard, ring 02897510804 and ask about the part your looking, and they’ll see what they can do
  5. Very Special Package From The States

    Please, don’t use it
  6. Mowett Mustang - help needed

    And me.......
  7. Mowett Mustang - help needed

    What age are you?
  8. Engine only running on choke

    I believe it’s going to be the jets, like Nigel said. Take it apart and clean them, so you can see daylight through them. My John Deere 68 has one of these engines, I like them. The main jet is the one in neck, that you will have to remove the carb and then the carb bowl, float etc, don’t lost the needle or seat. It’s a bronze jet, and can strip quite easily, be careful.
  9. Resistor spark plug or non resistor?

    Get the nam, resistor ones are the ones with th ‘r’ in the name, they probably help somehow. I’d say stay away from champion, not taht goodin my experience
  10. Steering help please

    Like the ones used to hold on the front wheels on a bolens 1053, and maybe other models
  11. Economy tractors

    Hi all, wondering if anyone has a economy tractor, or seen one or any for sale, sam
  12. All the way from the USA - Panzer t70

    Can you do me the contact details off the man who imports them, may be useful for me in the future...
  13. Economy tractors

    Ok, I know you can find them in the USA etc, but was wondering in the uk
  14. Hi and a question

    Welcome, was that the bolens 813 I happened to see on eBay? We want pics.....
  15. Wisconsin engine

    Looking a Wisconsin engine, 10hp. Or anything really. Thanks Sam
  16. Wisconsin engine

    Yes the tra-10d
  17. Wisconsin engine

    Ok, yes please, thank sam
  18. Ford yt-16

    Guys, on eBay is a vintage ford garden tractor. I know these are rare. It’s in reading and asking 100 pounds. It has transmission problems but uses the same as some Westwood’s. Sam
  19. Vintage 1951 ransomed mk 6

    Hi guys, have this and another few real old cylinder mowers, granda gave me a container with that and lots of vintage chainsaws etc. I’m looking the thing that the starter handle hooks onto, don’t know what it’s called. The starting handle hooks onto it lot start. Many thanks sam
  20. Vintage 1951 ransomed mk 6

    Sorry don’t have any, it’s where you put the handle into to begin turning the engine over

    That’ll be hard find... what’s it for?
  22. Toro The Sequel

    Wow, looks really nice. I’d say my huffy has very low hours on it, not that low though!
  23. How rare are sears tractors in uk

    Nice, see you have a castle garden. Heal of dung family business would never sell one. Made in Italy, so many electrics!
  24. How rare are sears tractors in uk

    How rare are these tractors, anyone have one any in Ireland, sam
  25. Bolens owners Northern Ireland

    Hi guys, just wondering if there are any bolens Owners obère here in Ireland, sam
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