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  1. 1975 DAF 66 Station Wagon

    Yes I'm on the Daf Forum, there's a couple of Facebook groups as well, I will try and get a picture on but I had a lot of trouble trying to upload pictures last time I tried and gave up
  2. 1975 DAF 66 Station Wagon

    Nice Daf 66, I have a Daf 44, 850 twin cylinder boxer, I love it but its in the worst colour possible s--t brown.
  3. Just got a solo multimot it's brand new but it won't engage with any of the attachments is it supposed to have a bushing or washer type thing in the clutch or on the attachment splines any info would be appreciated 

    1. sten


      Hi, sorry not been on for a while, yes there is a washer type thing, I will try and put a picture on tomorrow but I had a lot of trouble last time I tried to load a picture and gave up in the end.

  4. Clinton engine

    Thanks, I've taken some photos but cant work out how to add them
  5. Clinton engine

    Thought I would have a look at an old Clinton engine I have in the shed, it's a B1290 petrol paraffin but unfortunately missing the carb, after closer inspection I think it is a new old stock engine. On the cowling is a decal with Trojan Works, Purley Way. As the little tractors that Trojan made in the 60's were either red or blue does anyone know what this could have been fitted to as it is yellow.
  6. Honda G50 Rotavator 30yr old

    Hi, no I have not seen a tap like that before but a seal kit for the normal tap may fit, you have tried stripping it down and cleaning it out have you ?
  7. Honda G50 Rotavator 30yr old

    Hi, any chance of a picture of the tap, it may be the same tap as fitted to other Honda equipment
  8. Allen scythe brass handlebar end

    Thanks Anglo, I haven't started restoring it yet but if i struggle to find the part I need I will be in touch, thanks again for the offer of help.
  9. Allen scythe brass handlebar end

    Yes I might have to see about making one.
  10. Allen scythe brass handlebar end

    Hi, still looking for a left hand side brass handlebar end for an Allen Scythe please, if anyone can help
  11. sten

  12. Allen scythe brass handlebar end

    Hi, not sure if I'm supposed to re post like this but still looking for a left hand brass handlebar end for an Allen Scythe please, if anyone can help.
  13. Ultrasonic cleaner

    Thanks, I will have to be more patient and perhaps read the instructions more thoroughly.
  14. Ultrasonic cleaner

    Something to think about before you buy one, I use mine mainly for cleaning a single carb but even though they have a built in heater it is a bit slow so I fill mine from the kettle, trouble is it needs 3 kettles full to cover the carb, not a big problem but frustrating when you just want to get it set up, so a smaller one would have probably suited me better, except when I put my bike carbs in it, not big enough for a bank of 4 carbs and you don't really want to be separating them. So ideally I need a smaller one and a bigger one but that's not going to happen. I still haven't tried carb cleaner, I just use washing up liquid.
  15. Allen Scythe confusion

    Something else I've noticed on my Allen, it has adjustable height handlebars which most don't have
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