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  1. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/stationary-engine-/272805139722?hash=item3f8474150a:g:UlsAAOSw3HJZkbz0 Spotted this item on ebay, it was posted on another forum. I'm not interested in purchasing it myself but I wondered which Landmaster machine this would have been fitted to and what make the engine is? Pete.
  2. Rollo Croftmaster

    I attended a local show on Saturday and one of our engine lads brought this machine along. Never seen one myself, are they rare and were many produced? Pete.
  3. Rollo Croftmaster

    Thank's for the replies, the owner has had it for around ten years but knows little about them. At lest we now have an approximate build date year wise. Pete.
  4. bankman

  5. Left or right.

    Most commercials had LH thread studs on the nearside until spigot mounted wheels became the 'norm' in the late eighties. My LDV van still has them. Pete.
  6. Ploughing tractor build.

    Looks like a Bedford gearbox, those four speed boxes were fitted right across the range of trucks etc from the fifties on. Pete.
  7. Harthill Carnival

    Yesterday I attended Harthill Carnival, on the Derbyshire/South Yorkshire border, as a stationary engine exhibitor and walking around noticed a few implement's on show plus some tractors that may be of interest. A nice sunny day and well attended as usual, the second year that I have exhibited there and both times the weather has been warm and dry, must be my influence! Pete. Anyway, a few pics!
  8. I aquired this a few years ago, basically to save it from being scrapped. My intention was to restore and show it but I have too many things going on in my life to spend time on it, plus it is too large for me to transport it easily, so I have decided to pass it on. As you can see it is rough, it has had a 'modification' done to the rear end as well at some time. Now the machine is partly dismantled, the engine has had the barrel removed and I have refaced the valve seats but I gave the valve's to a clubmate to reface them and he appears to have lost them so new ones will be required. Of course the engine will need a total rebuild anyway. The Albion gearbox apppears OK, not sure what (if any) parts are missing from the whole machine but whatever was on it when I obtained it is still there but probably now in a box! One tyre still hold air, the other is split though. Anyone interested would need to collect it from Matlock, Derbyshire, and give me a day or three to get everything together as it is spread over a garage, bedroom and a container on a local farm at present! It cost me £15 a few years ago, so I haven't lost much by giving it away. I could sell the engine for parts and make that back but that isn't the way I work. PM me if interested and thank's for looking. Pete.
  9. Landmaster Kestrel, free to a good home!

    Hi James, yes come and take it away before I scrap it as space is needed urgently. Have messaged you. Pete.
  10. 1945 Briggs NR2

    I like the older Briggs engines, so far I have restored a Model A with kickstart and remote fuel supply (no holes drilled for tank brackets) and a Model B which has been fitted with a flywheel and runs lovely and smooth. I also had a Model I but sold that last year, I also sold my A because a chap kept pestering me for it until I gave in, however he only kept it a week or two and sold it on for a profit! Wish that I had kept it myself now, you live and learn! I know of a ZZ with a generator, not sure about taking that on yet though. You are making a good job of your one, it will look great when finished. Pete.
  11. Landmaster Kestrel, free to a good home!

    Just bumping this up again as it is still available either as a 'project' or for parts. Pm me if interested. Pete.
  12. I have, I haven't sold much but it is like selling your children! Everytime I do it I regret it as soon as it vanishes from sight. It is the same with spare parts, you aquire stuff that you don't REALLY need then much later pass it on to sombody else. Sods law then decrees that shortly after you will be offered an engine or machine that is missing the very part you disposed of but then there is only so much space available to store stuff for most of us. Pete.
  13. Fuel tank sealant

    I have used it many times with no problems, in fact I treat all my tank's with POR. Ideally use the Marine Clean and ensure the tank is thouroughly dry, I put mine upside down on a radiator for a day or two but a hairdrier blowing through would do the job. You only need a small tin, seal the tap outlet etc, pour it all in and rotate the tank for several minutes ensuring it gets in all the corners then drain the excess back into the tin and reseal it as you can use the remainder if it stays airtight. Wipe the base of the tin as it will stick solid to any surface! Make sure all the tap threads etc are clear of sealer as it sets rock hard overnight! Also remove any that gets on the outside of the tank as paint doesn't adhere well to it either. Leave for about a week before putting fuel in. When starting a restoration I normally do the tank first, then paint it so that it has the maximum time to harden while the mechanical work takes place. Pete.
  14. Planning to be exhibiting there again, I missed 2014 due to family issues, but it wont be with a horticultral exhibit. I will have a look around you all though! Last time I was there I tried to have a chat with the 'Simar Kid' but you had more chance of getting an audience with the Queen, he certainly had either an extensive fan club or 'rent a crowd' haha. Pete.
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