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  1. No Further Forward

    Yep they didn’t hang about them atcos you really did have to run behind them
  2. Happy Birthday Jarovian

    Happy birthday dave
  3. DOH!

    It’s a Northen thing 😄
  4. Now what to do with them?

    Just had one of them didn’t have reverse when I opened it up the chain that drives reverse had snapped so I would check that Norm it might be a weak point
  5. How Does This Help

    Well I love Trump he promised lots of things when he campaigned and he has followed through with all of them, how many of our politicians have done that, they say he’s a misogynist but he wasn’t the one that stuffed a cigar up Monica’s minge in the White House they say he splits family’s up from their kids, really, ime sure that was started by Clinton and then carried on by obarma was it not , is he not right when he says nato is taking the piss, when you consider Germany buys all its power from Russia with billions but won’t pay their fair share into nato to protect them from the RUSSIANS, I could go on and on, but I will be shouted down as a far right racist but ime not, I was brought up with morals, there wasn’t transgender , gay meant having a good time, not having it up the bum, men were men who didn’t wear makeup or dresses , these masked antifa twats wouldn’t last five minutes in the army, the real hero’s are our vets on both sides of the pond , you tell me why these idiots can walk about in masks , if I walked into a bank with a crash helmet on ide be locked up
  6. Happy Birthday Nigel.

    Another nail in my coffin 😂
  7. Nice photos Andrew


    He looks like Jeremy Corbin Tim, you can’t miss him, probably be wearing a cnd badge 😂
  10. I thought they only made the bondbug in orange Norm
  11. Happy birthday Meadowfield

    Happy birthday mate
  12. Any Idea

    It’s a Jenny roller for sheet metal should be able to change the rollers for other shapes Or maybe for making springs, looking at it again
  13. SD deck wanted.

    Harry’s got a nice deck for sale off a c tractor norm
  14. New use for old Kitchen Unit

    Perfection !
  15. Looney spotted at Newby Hall

    Looks like Jeremy corbyn
  16. Your barmy mate, as mad as a box of frogs, absolute nutter 🙄🧐
  17. Steering help please

    I would stick it lose in a vice so the steering boss is sitting on the top of the jaws , then get an old short socket over the end of the shaft and give it a wack, when it moves then use a drift
  18. Great photos Paul, once again👍🏻👍🏻
  19. New Build!!! Ditch Mower

    Think I would be a bit worried running the engine at that angle
  20. Engine only running on choke

    No just take carb bowl off carefully take main jet out, should just unscrew clean jet the screw that holds the bowl on might be a jet so check that as well
  21. Engine only running on choke

    I still think it will be the main jet
  22. Mowett Mustang - help needed

    Just a thought, the false Louvres could be done with a bead roller , and headlight panels 12 ton press But very nice job you have made their
  23. Engine only running on choke

    As whristpin says sounds like blocked main jet in carb also check carb bowl is clean
  24. Happy Birthday TITCH

    Happy birthday Titch 💋💋
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