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  1. nigel

    Happy Birhday Vegikev.

    Happy birthday kevin
  2. nigel

    Happy Birthday harryt.

    Happy birthday Harry
  3. nigel

    Could anyone identify this lathe

    I’ve moved it The link does not work so can’t see photo
  4. nigel

    The things you have to do.

  5. nigel

    The Border Reiver MK 2

    Looks very very nice
  6. nigel

    The things you have to do.

    Blimey you scrub up well Norm , best underwear as well ? πŸ˜‚
  7. nigel

    C-120 is going to another home soon

    I hope it’s my home
  8. nigel

    help needed

    The showman or storming will be able to help you they should be on here later
  9. nigel

    Happy Birthday Joseph.

    Happy birthday joseph
  10. nigel

    Kubota B6100

    Can’t you weld it up like I did mine ?
  11. nigel


    Ime looking for a good lathe Alan
  12. nigel

    Picked up a few logs.

    Have to make your self a log splitter now
  13. nigel

    Happy Birthday Wristpin

    Happy birthday Angus
  14. nigel

    Tin bashing!!

    Yep bring it over to Ian Angus he’s pretty good at shrinking and stretching metal . And if that’s you that made them dents I suggest you pay a visit to spec savers. πŸ˜‚
  15. nigel


  16. nigel

    Layter Hayterette blade ?

    Try becoming a supporter then you can post photos no problem
  17. nigel

    Happy Birthday Norlet.

    Happy birthday frank
  18. nigel

    Briggs Fuel issue

    I can’t see that it can be anything other than diaphram I would check that again and also start it by chucking carb cleaner down the air intake a couple of times I’ve found sometimes doing that will clear things out and carry on running
  19. nigel

    Happy Birthday Triumph 66 or 67 now

    Happy birthday Andrew
  20. nigel


    Yep a couple of members on here have them, they will probly be in touch with in a few days
  21. nigel

    Finally, Proof That Turtles Can Climb

    Isn’t that a tortoise
  22. nigel

    WestWood Lawnbug Racing

    Go to the BLMRA website every thing you want on their, they also have a Facebook page
  23. nigel

    international historical festival panningen

    Is that a wheelhorse under that little car body ? Second to last photo. And that little farmel tractor in the other photo