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  1. http://Think you need to go to spec savers Norm, there is a plate under the front diff
  2. Looks great Darren I take it that it's road legal
  3. smart&brown model M

    Looks great koen
  4. Happy birthday DougC

    Happy Birthdat Doug 💋😘
  5. Happy birthday Joseph

    Happy birthday Joseph
  6. I love the Abels livery, propper signwritting great Picts Doug
  7. Have a seat.

    A mushroom a blind man would love to see
  8. Happy Birthday Wristpin

    Happy birthday Angus
  9. Getting "Hitched"

    Looks good Doug
  10. Mower Deck refurbishment

    Stunning Richard
  11. Great video Joseph 👍🏻
  12. Happy birthday Triumph 66

    Happy birthday mate 😘
  13. Falls

    With rural past times happening, I relised I didn't have any thing to take , so I had this little tractor hanging about so I found an engine of the shelf for it and gave it a quick tidy up , it should be ready just foot plates and a few bits and bobs to do I don't think I will be doing any ploughing with it though
  14. Falls

    Well the falls went to its new home today, this is one ime not sorry to see go, it was crap 🙄
  15. Wheel Horse RJ-58 Restoration

    Very nice work Ewan
  16. Nutter as mad as a box of 🐸 frogs
  17. Koehler engines and wheelhorse gearboxes

    4 gears both have hubs but one hubgot a chunk out of it but is usable
  18. I've got two engines 16hp and10hp complete both got compression and starters £100 each two gearboxes £50 each
  19. Starting Handle Club Summer Show

    That bmb conversion looks interesting
  20. Starting Handle Club Summer Show

    Once again, great Picts Paul
  21. New Wheels

    It's very pink inside Alian
  22. Rural Past Times 12 / 13 August 2017

    Thanks to the SHOWMAN for running another great rural pasttimes again, topman roll on next year
  23. Tour of Duty

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