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  1. Not long now, gonna get loaded up today. Anyone else going. Apart from Alan,
  2. Trying to put together a Horticulture display for this show, anyone interested in exhibiting PM me for a entry form. Its normally a good show with lots of stalls and exhibits and free camping in the camping field.
  3. Newhaven Fort

    Spent a lovely day at Newhaven Fort Battle of Britain day, took the Chicken plucking machine as its pre-war. Lots of stuff to look at in nice weather with two bands playing 40s music, very enjoyable and chilled day. Heres a few photos.
  4. Another in the stable.

    How do you know ?
  5. Another in the stable.

    Found this today in my bedside cabinet, and Pam never found it.
  6. Sounds good Darren, bet your neighbours are pleased.
  7. Belt-up

    Decided to give the 800 a little TLC, during it's tour of duty at johns towing a heavy trailer the drive belt started to slip. i had a rummage in the shed and found a few spare belts and found one a tad shorter so went about fitting it, once stripped down i found the drive pulley loose and one hub . All tight and belt fitted also changed the oil in the tranny. all good to go to Kingsfold at the weekend.
  8. Another in the stable.

    Here's some data for you Norm
  9. Newhaven Fort

    Heres a short vid of the band, they were very good.
  10. Happy birthday DougC

    Happy birthday Doug, hope you have a good day mate.
  11. Happy birthday Joseph

    Many happy returns of the day Joseph, hope you have a great day with a big party with a big cake and lots of presents.
  12. Some nice stuff there Doug and looks a well attended show.
  13. Ardingly Collective Sale 09/09/17

    Did you buy it Harry ?
  14. Have a seat.

    A lump of concrete with a wobbly seat nailed to it.
  15. Ardingly Collective Sale 09/09/17

    How much was the genny with the Kohler engine?
  16. Would you like me to take the trailer Alan. or have you got it driving now. ?.
  17. Wheel Horse SD Deck

    Looking good Norm, the underneath should be well protected now.
  18. Townings harvest Fair

    Just spent the weekend at Townings Farm. It's more a club working weekend with a 2 hour tractor run Saturday night with a BBQ when we got back. I took the Raider 12 and the 800 with the disc's, plough and my tiller. Got plenty of seat time and very happy with the tiller. Bit disappointing with the amount of public attending but we all had a great time and the rock band played most of the day and I even had a ride in a model T ford. heres a few photos for your enjoyment
  19. Happy Birthday Wristpin

    Happy Birthday Angus, hope you have a good day.
  20. Townings harvest Fair

    She would need a ladder to get in it.
  21. Townings harvest Fair

    No, i did think about it but they would have been back at the farm by the time i got to the pub. . I went on the Unimog, now i want one of those.
  22. Townings harvest Fair

    The light rain started about 3 pm so we started loading up, didn't get too wet and got home at 4.45 pm
  23. Getting "Hitched"

    Like it.
  24. 7-1252 tiller

    A special photo for Norman.
  25. 7-1252 tiller

    Drive belt arrived this morning so I finished off the idler and fitted the belt. Started the engine and engaged the pto and everything seems to work ok, will give it a good test at Townings over the weekend but so far looking good. Thanks to Bearingboys for their help in supplying the belt, if it helps anyone with a tiller the belt is 1/2" x 140" A138 V 140391 and cost £17.60 with post and vat ( and its a Dunlop belt ).
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