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  1. Wheelhorse from bits

    Having a clearout of the store shed and decided to put some Wheelhorse's together from all the bits i seem to have. Heres some photos of number one and today's progress.
  2. Wheelhorse from bits

    Had a couple of spare hours today so I've done it bit more. everything just about done and all up and running, I've moved it backwards and forwards in the shed , next job to get it out and try it round the garden.
  3. Happy Birthday Koen.

    Many happy returns of the day Koen.
  4. Newark Tractor and Heritage Show

    Lots of nice stuff there, thanks for the photos Paul
  5. Bring and Buy sale

    They are split rims and have a small hub with bearings but no nipples and look a bit flimsy, i'll see if i can use them when the time comes, it just that they were 4 inch which is what i was after
  6. Bring and Buy sale

    Went to a bring and buy sale this morning organised by a stationary club I belong to, it was a complete waste of time as there was only a handful of people there. It was held at the Hassocks garden centre so the traditional breakfast was the best part of the visit . During the time i spent there the London to Brighton veteran car run was on and they trundled past the gate, it was quite cold and they all looked frozen. Norman asked me to take my camera so here's a photo i took especially for him.
  7. Bring and Buy sale

    That's what I'm thinking
  8. Bring and Buy sale

    Forgot about these, found them in the car. 4 brand new wheels, tyres and tubes with rubber straight valves for £15. Thought I'd better have them just in case.
  9. Very pleased to have Triumph 66 visit me today, it was nice to spend some time with him over 2 cups of tea and have a catch up. Of cause he wanted to look in the sheds and see the Raider burst into life. Then it was time to go and obviously I couldn't let him go without him buying something red off me so we rang out his wallet and even helped him load up.
  10. Bring and Buy sale

    Found a couple more, Pam must of taken them.
  11. Bring and Buy sale

    I couldn't eat a lunch as well,
  12. Nice to have visit from Triumph 66

    Sorry Andrew.
  13. Nice to have visit from Triumph 66

    Yes Paul, he must of heard the kettle.
  14. Wheelhorse from bits

    I don't think so Chris, Andrew is a Bolens man and hasn't been converted yet.
  15. Wheel Horse RJ-58 Restoration

    Looks good to me, i'd be happy with that too,
  16. Wheelhorse from bits

    Started the day by snapping a terminal on the ignition switch, after an hour of raking through boxes I found another one. that fitted i went on with the fuel tank and pipes also a new filter, found a rearlight so that went on and wired up, bolted down the seat and prepared the underside of the hood.
  17. Wheelhorse from bits

    Had an exhausting day with the rear fender and rear wheeis done and fitted i had to take a seat Got one of these so i needed one of these All changed over, I'm pleased with that No prizes for guessing the seat cover came from the honeyhole at Johns.
  18. Joy Rider Strikes

    That doesn't work for me.
  19. HALF a HORSE.

    Happy to help, you just have to know the right people.
  20. Wheelhorse from bits

    Its just a quick rub over with a wire brush and a coat of 20/50, luckily the parts are in good shape with just surface rust on.
  21. Wheel Horse RJ-58 Restoration

    Looking good Ewan, your making a nice job of it.
  22. Happy birthday Paul

    Happy birthday Paul, enjoy your day.
  23. Wheelhorse from bits

    Early update today as its Friday. Wiring loom made and fitted, solenoid and ampmeter also ran wires for front and rearlights.
  24. Wheelhorse from bits

    Hoping to get it done over the weekend, then on to the next one.
  25. Wheelhorse from bits

    Got a bit more done today in between tea breaks
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