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  1. Exhibitors who came last year should be getting their entry forms this week, anyone else that would like to come just PM me . This year there will be a working area as normal and a field of potatoes to harvest that will need lifting and bagging so bring your kit.
  2. Rural Past Times, August 11/12

    Thanks Alan, you should be E10
  3. Rural Past Times, August 11/12

    Thanks Norm
  4. Rural Past Times, August 11/12

    Went to a RPT meeting last night and the show is really coming together. We now have someone to do program's for the show and all the exhibitors will be listed. We've sent out a lot of entry forms for the Horticultural section but not many people have returned them, can you please send your entries in so I can organise the program. If anyone else needs a entry form PM me and I can email you one
  5. A FEW More Newby Hall.

    The new camera takes good photos Norm.
  6. Spotted this at Newby Hall, it was busy both days carrying grownups and children round the showground. Its a Raider 12 or C120.
  7. Spotted a well known celeb while I was walking round the show.
  8. Newby Hall Day 1

    Didn't do many photos but here's a few I took All loaded tonight ready for the off.
  9. A Day At Beamish Museum

    Had a good day at the Beamish Museum but the battery went flat on my camera so not many photos but here's a few. Pam found somewhere to sit and have a rest,
  10. Sid's back.

    I hope that's not made from Wheelhorse parts
  11. Battle of the Standard Vintage Gathering

    Good photos as usual Paul. . It was my first outing with the Toro GMT and gave my a chance to drive it a bit more, i like the can crusher on the front of Franks Norlett.
  12. Happy Birthday TITCH

    Many happy returns of the day Titch, hope you have a good day matey.
  13. Wheel Horse SD Deck

  14. A mowing we will go.

    Looks like a good job it's doing.
  15. Clinton engines

    Found 3 Clinton engines under the bench whilst having a tidy up, they all spin over with plenty of compression, 2 have reduction gearboxs. i bought them when i was restoring a Trojon tractor but didn't need then. Might be handy for spares to someone, what they worth to ya £50 for the lot
  16. Clinton engines

    Yes still ok, is it just the one you wanted .?,
  17. Steering help please

    It doesn't have a head on it, it's an allen screw, see photos
  18. Steering help please

    Like i said, its a rollpin number 31 and a allen screw number 27 on the pictures.
  19. Steering help please

    You'll need to get the steering wheel off the shaft which is held on with a rollpin, knock that out and give it a good soaking with a penetrate. The collar has an allen screw holding it in position and sometimes a job to undo, might need warming up to undo it
  20. Lost my bearings

    Found these bearings, anyone know what size the are ?.
  21. Howard 350 help

    No they haven't, their even rarer. Got a couple of Howard engines somewhere but can't find them at the moment
  22. Howard 350 help

    Very rare to find one of those Nigel.
  23. Warco 918 Lathe

    Selling my Warco lathe. Its worked very well for me and I'm only selling it because i was offered a good replacement. It comes with all the bits including 3 and 4 jaw chucks and face plate, traveling and fixed steady as well as a box of bits and a spare belt. I'll leave it on here for a few days before I put it on that well known auction site, starting price is £250. please PM me if interested
  24. Having A Change In The Shed

    Out with the old. In with the new.
  25. Happy Birthday Nylyon

    Many happy returns of the day Karl, hope you have a good day mate.
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