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  1. Many happy returns Joseph, hope you’re having a great day.
  2. As it’s a Wheelhorse tool bar i thought I’d make a cultivator from some junk I’ve got in the shed
  3. Just out of interest I thought I would weigh the ploughs, the Auto-cults is 26 kg, the Brinly is 32 kg and the depth wheel is 6 kg.
  4. At least it’s adjustable in every direction now, just need to try it
  5. In haste i made a quick hitch on Friday just to try it in the ground, it dug in well but had a lot of sideways movement so I decided to make a new one but only had the photos of above to go on. Just using some scrap bits of angle iron and a lump of plate, drill and welder this is what i came up with.
  6. Many happy returns Angus hope you have a great day,
  7. Sorry about my height Norm, next time I’ll stand on the bonnet and take them for you.
  8. Day 2. It's a long way to the tea trailer. The day was spent drinking tea, socializing and a tidy up in the field with the rotavator over my ploughing.
  9. First day at the working weekend with the new plough, work's ok just needs a bit of fine tuning.
  10. Mid-day update, I’ve replaced all the bolts with the right size, made a temporary hitch so i can mount it on my Raider 12 and cleaned some of the rust off with a grinder. I see how it works over the weekend, i can always use my old faithful.
  11. Thanks to rangers guidance I found these.
  12. That’s great Doug and nice to hear from you, it’s good to see a photo of one as I haven’t been able to find anything on google about it. given me all sorts of ideas now. That explains why some of it is red. I can’t find it on Redsquare can you tell me where to look please Doug
  13. Think you’re gonna need a bigger trailer
  14. Happy Birthday Andrew, hope you have a great day matey.
  15. Can’t feel it with my nappy on mate.
  16. Last of the painting done in the sunshine today, The seat has been cleaned off and had 3 coats of primer and 4 coats of topcoat. I leave it to dry overnight and fit it tomorrow.
  17. Yes I'm putting the original decals on, all organised just waiting for them to be done
  18. I know I’m not as tall as you but that’s a bit OTT.
  19. I didn’t want to use poison because of the dogs, I caught nextdoors cat but had to let it go.
  20. Out in the morning sun I’ve got the steering all done and the front all fitted. I’m really pleased with how it’s looking, just got the seat to do
  21. Got a Rat that keeps running across the back of my garden, I found a trap at a recent show for £2 and thought I’d try and catch it before ringing the council. I think it’s coming from the fast food shop at the bottom of my road. Ive set the trap in the run that it uses with peanut butter but he seems to be eating it but not tripping the trap, is Ronny street wise and jumping over flap or his he not heavy enough to trip it.
  22. Yes ive just got to connect the steering and put the front on and paint the seat
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