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  1. the showman

    Happy birthday CubCadet

    Happy birthday matey, hope you have a great day with lots of presents and cake,
  2. the showman

    Any seat recommendations?

    I've bought several seats from kdrseating.com nice people to deal with and often have good deals on eBay
  3. the showman

    Wheelhorse snowblower

    Didn't get much time today but here's the latest.
  4. the showman

    Wheelhorse snowblower

    While I was at Kingsfold last weekend this turned up. Its a 37 inch Wheelhorse snowblower, it's had all the rusty bits welded up and looks all there even comes with new bearings, seals, cable pulleys and chain.
  5. the showman

    Pushing Rusty Tin !....do I want to?

    You need one of these Richard to go with it,
  6. the showman

    Wheelhorse snowblower

    Fitted the new bearings and cleaned out the axle tube, greased the axle shaft and put some oil in the tube just enough to coat the bear metal bits for protection then assembled it. The auger runs nice on new bearings.
  7. the showman

    Wheelhorse snowblower

    Had a look at the flag this morning ( that's the bit that fits to the lift arm ) I had to replace the pin as its a bit rusty.
  8. the showman

    Wheelhorse snowblower

    I sprayed it with 2k but horrible thing to paint especially the auger. Some of the metal is pitted and it didn't seem worth spending lots of time pugging it up to stick it into snow drifts so I just wanted to protect it against the eliments more than anything.
  9. the showman

    Wheelhorse snowblower

    Thanks mate
  10. the showman

    Kingsfold Rally

    Spent 4 days at the Kingsfold Rally organising the horticultural section and would like to thank everyone for their support. heres a few photos of the exhibits.
  11. the showman

    Wheelhorse snowblower

    Beautiful sunny day down in the Deep South, do you want to see my red bits,
  12. the showman

    Wheelhorse snowblower

    Got the auger and axle, wheel brackets and wheels clean and shiny today and applied a few coats of red primer.
  13. the showman

    Wheelhorse snowblower

    Had a look at getting the first part assembled today. The bolts that hold the wheels on were the first thing to do, one missing and one snapped a little warm up with the gas torch and the bit came out I then ran a 3/8 tap through the hole and found a couple of bolts in stock from an old mower deck. I now have enough to get the Auger fitted and on wheels, might give it a coat of paint first.
  14. the showman

    Early Westwood Mower Wanted

    There's a few on fleebay
  15. the showman

    Kohler 12 hp

    Looks like it's a 1975 with electric start and special oil pan
  16. the showman

    Kohler 12 hp

    While I was at Kingsfold last weekend I picked up this engine and just had chance to unload it. Its all complete apart from the air filter, has the wiring loom , solenoid, exhaust, starter and coil, it turns over with compression. dont know what it's out off but has an electric pto and the crankshaft sticks out of the wire screen. Comments welcome, here's some photos.
  17. the showman

    Happy Birthday Alain.

    Happy birthday matey, have a good time.
  18. the showman

    Briggs & Stratton

    Having a clearout and found this. Its a 3 HP Briggs, turns over with compression but no spark might be worth a tenner for parts ?
  19. the showman

    Kohler 12 hp

    Managed to get the serial number which is 7051812
  20. the showman

    Ardingly Autumn Show

    Just spent the weekend at Ardingly, arrived Friday afternoon in lovely sunshine. Saturday started well until lunchtime then the rain spoiled the rest of the day then on Sunday it was bright and sunny which brought in the public and it was packed, in all a very enjoyable show. Heres a few photos.
  21. the showman

    Happy Birthday Iain

    Happy birthday mate, hope you had a great day.
  22. the showman

    Wheelhorse Rear Bracket

    I've got a Wheelhorse rear bracket to attach a dozer blade or tiller to the tractor but need another one but they are hard to find so I thought I'd make a copy. Start with a bit of quarter plate bent to shape, make a template from cardboard and drill some holes and a few square ones. I was lucky to have an old mount from a 265 to nick a couple of bits from Just needs a coat of paint when I get time
  23. the showman

    Fame Again.

    Just brought a copy of November Tractor and Machinery and there's a good write up about Rural Past Times. Heres some photos.
  24. the showman

    Kohler 12 hp

    Just had another look at the engine, I spose the spelling sums it up. .
  25. the showman

    Kohler 12 hp

    Your right Richard I didn't notice that, bloke said it was a 12