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  1. Top marks for his patience and not swearing, he should try some of my Kohlers that take 2 hands to pull the recoil .
  2. It the cup that bolts to the crankshaft that the recoil fits in to engage.
  3. After moving everything in the sheds I’ve found 2 Kohler K91 engines , by the looks of them they haven’t run for a while. The green one I bought from Paul last year and the black one I’ve had years and can’t remember where it came from. The green one is missing the recoil starter and spinning it with the drill i found it had no spark, removed the points and cleaned and regapped and tried again, i did manage to get it to fire a couple of times but that’s all. I’m going to strip the carb and put it in the altrasonic cleaner. The black one was much the same although I did get it to run briefly so that one’s carb is going in the cleaner’ While i was digging the cleaner out i found an Aspera engine cover with the same recoil starter but no cup so if anyone has one I’m looking.
  4. The second tool tray is now welded, painted and fitted and I’ve modified the 4 front spindles and fitted them so all the front axles and steering is finished. Next job on the list is to sort out 2 engines.
  5. I bought a mig welder off snap-on tools and didn’t like it so I gave it to my son so now i have to walk up his house and beg him to weld the rim, the ark was a bit fearce for it
  6. I've put filler round the joint and rubbed it down smooth should be ok
  7. Had another look at the rim today as to patching it up but it’s like tissue paper round the outer edge so i came up with an idea that was only going to cost some labour... Starting with a good rim, cut it in half and then cut the rusty one in half weld the two good half’s together.
  8. Thanks Richard, i'm taking notes as I always have trouble with Wheelhorse wiring
  9. Happy birthday Scott have a great day mate
  10. Its like tissue paper, glad it’s only one wheel
  11. Can’t you borrow a solenoid from another tractor to test it ?
  12. Forgot to say there is a but on one front wheel.
  13. Went and collected 8 wheels and 2 seats from the sand blasters this morning, they also sprayed them with 2k primer. They were in a poor shape and very rusty so I’m very pleased with them and saved me a lot of work.
  14. the showman

    John Deere 70

    Nice little project, at least it’s not hanging with rot.
  15. I’ve been sorting out front wheels for Bill and Ben. I wanted to change the little 4 inch to narrow 8 inch, the original front spindles are too short so i fitted C series and they are too long The bearings in the 8 inch wheels are one piece with an 1 inch ID and the Wheelhorse flange bearings are a direct fit . Next job was to cut down the spindles and drill the centre hole deeper and cut a 3/8” thread. All the wheels are now at the sand blasters. .
  16. Thanks for your nice comments lads
  17. Good progress Ian, looking good.
  18. Thanks Ewan, I’m trying to build them on a shoestring using what ive got in stock, some of the parts don’t quite fit so I change them a bit. I’m hoping they will end up something like a 502 or similar.
  19. Thanks Norm, made my arms ache.
  20. I had a friend bend me a couple of seat springs pity he didn’t drill the square holes. so most of my time was spent drilling and filing. I’m going to load some photos back to front to see if they load in the right order. The red spring is the original off my Suburban used as a pattern.
  21. Another Boo-Boo i found that I welded the belt guard tag in the wrong place so i had to cut it off and make another, Its done it again so the first photo is the after and the second photo is the before.
  22. Bill and Ben get some stick, gearstick that is. I did have two but can’t find one only a load of others all the wrong shape so out with the heat and re-bend one. Now they are happy, both have a stick. The one on the left is the original. Why do my photos load in the wrong order ?
  23. Got the new panels all fitted and bolted up tight today and the lift mechanism fitted. One cover I haven’t cleaned as it had a Mountfield ID plate on it from new and still has the shade of red i need to match. I’m pleased with the look and the belt guard fits as well.
  24. That's my idea, won't to make sure ive got all the parts and parts ive remade all fit, once its finished its easy to pull apart and paint it all.
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