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what is the best primar

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Its really tough call, because the bonnet and fenders are a different type of metal than the frame and and drive train. Many automotive places use an epoxy primer or a zinc chromate etching primer and that would be at the high end of products. As I have said before these tractors were never primed to start with so if one got a good prep maybe a acrylic urethane top coat would do, but I still prime as Chris does.

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I always use synthetic enamel grey primer, as I can't use paint thinners due to an allergy so thin it with petrol instead. Not the perfect solution but with a bit of practise the finish can be quite good.

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Spraying 2k paint carries a health risk and it is generally recommended that it is only carried out using a proper clean air fed headset - even if spraying out of doors. It's not worth the risk of permanent respiratory damage by not doing so.

Plenty of health and safety info available on the Internet !

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