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Undercover Wheel Horse "1467"

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My 1267 "Skonkfest" tractor has had a checkered past. I got it after my heart attack to help with snow removal at work. I t had had a stuck exhaust valve in the past. I found assorted other things like no carb base gasket, silly putty sealant on the breather ect. I repainted it last spring because I got tired of a pinkish tractor. It had run good since I had done some tinkering so I only replaced the head gasket and decarboned the head when I painted it.


On it's way to it's first show it had fouled the plug. I cleaned it and didn't think twice. It ran through the Big Wheel horse show parade with no issues but this winter it started fouling the plug again. so bad I had to dig out the crud in the plug. It got to the point where it wouldn't run longer than 15 min with out fouling the plug even with an anti-fouler in it.


I got a 14 HP K321 on the shelf of of an much newer tractor  but I wanted to keep the original starter/genny set up.


The donor motor:




Ring gear needed to come off for the original shroud to fit:




Shroud mocked up on 14 to see how it fits:




Had to use the head off of the K301 for the correct bosses for the genny bracket. You can see all the oil on top of the piston and gunk around the exhaust valve. This was all cleaned up when I painted the tractor and is only a couple of hours of run time. I'm shocked that this really didn't smoke much:




Look at the build up on the plug and antifouler after only a few min of run time:




New engine painted up:






Ready to drop in:5a7f00a2655af_skonkrepower5004.JPG.2c7b5310c00acfb0fb9229a7e59204ad.JPG


Mounted on the tractor. This frees up the lift table to lift the tractor! :)










Running with different stack. I stayed with the smaller one. 



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