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Wheel Horse C-101

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Even though I bought a C-312-8 from Chris in the not too distant past, It's missing a couple of vital parts like the engine and trans, so I needed to get something I could use..


This C-101 popped up very local at quite a good price :D







Unfortunatly the boonet/hood isn't part of the deal so anyone have a spare C/Raider bonnet going spare? :lol:


The fender pan is in good condition, but once again it's not part of the deal... Another fender pan has been thrown in (no pic's of it yet) but it is missing a bit of metal from the middle and needs a bit of work..


Engine.... It has one and it is part of the deal :D

10hp Kohler that spins freely but had no compression!







Those with sharp eye's will of noticed a couple of bit's missing from the engine... Yep no carb or...


Starter motor!





I might have enough incomplete carbs on the shelf to make a good one, and I'm sure I have a starter for it somewhere but so far all I've found is a starter for a Kohler twin.. Think it might of come from a KT


The trans is an 8 speed which is nice..





Last Friday Rex popped in for a coffee and the engines lack of compression got the better of him and he just had to have a look..





Problem found... The exhaust valve was stuck open, that large gap shouldn't be there!





Head off to have a look... Followed by lot's of penertrating oil and some gentle taps with a rubber mallet saw the valve close again.. (not quite closed in this pic)

Spinning the engine with a bit of pressure on the valve soon had it moving freely up and down again..





The cylinder wall has a bit of scoring, but not too bad though the engine may be a "smoker" when it's running..





Someone has been in this engine in the not too distant past, the head has been cleaned at some point as all the crud/carbon is only a thin layer..





Other than a wipe with a cloth the piston is as found... Someone has cleaned most of it!





The plan for this machine???


Find the missing parts, get the engine running and just use it :)



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On 14/02/2018 at 10:19 AM, the showman said:

Another interesting project to watch in the hands of the master :thumbs:


Thanks mate, that's quite a compliment coming from The Showman :thumbs:



On 14/02/2018 at 1:14 PM, Stormin said:

Pity your at t'other end of this Septic Isle to me, Ian. I could have helped you out with body work and carb.


Distance isn't a problem in these days of cheap postage :D



On 17/02/2018 at 6:02 PM, 4x4forks said:

Nice but of kit  :)



Thanks, it will be when it's up and running again :D

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