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This weekend has been spent at Merton Vintage Fair and a good first show for myself and the horse . I managed to find a well used but very serviceable 5 gang mower set in the auction and was lucky enough to grab a bargain . Two need a spot of welding but nothing to bad . The other three towed like a dream .




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1 hour ago, Stormin said:

Nice set of mowers. :thumbs: What make are they?

They are Britannia Norman . Not had a chance to look them up yet but started stripping them down to refurb them .

1 hour ago, pmackellow said:

Well done, from what a little birdie told me you got an absolute bargain ! :thumbs:


Very much so 😂

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3 hours ago, the showman said:

They look good, don't often see gang mowers on display 

There was a lot of interest in the horse once they were fitted. I’m looking forward to repairing the other two and repainting them . I was thinking of doing the frame and weights wheel Horse red . What do You think? 

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