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  1. kpthorsefan

    Wheelhorse snow plough/ dozer blade 42"

    A photo of it on the C 141...
  2. kpthorsefan

    Wheelhorse snow plough/ dozer blade 42"

    Sorry I forgot to put the asking price on, I am looking for £450...… a lot of work went into this....
  3. kpthorsefan

    Wheelhorse snow plough/ dozer blade 42"

    complete but no rear hitch attachment, restored in 2010 and shown at tractor world in 2012 and not seen the light of day since then. but I cant get photo's on...
  4. kpthorsefan

    Happy Birthday TITCH

    Happy birthday Titch, All the very best …….
  5. kpthorsefan


  6. kpthorsefan

    Wheel horse 42" sickle bar

    This might be the part you are missing ? but cant see any id plate on it.
  7. kpthorsefan

    Happy birthday TITCH

    Belated happy birthday titch! sorry its late, hope you had a good one...
  8. kpthorsefan

    New trailer

    Forgot photo..
  9. kpthorsefan

    New trailer

    wheel carrier all secure to the cross member of the trailer, wheel locked on with locking wheel bolts. and a cover for the wheel.. And still no sign of the tarpaulin yet....
  10. kpthorsefan

    New trailer

    Thanks john, the cover should be here this week, so they say ? it should cover all of the cage and part of the trailer. I don't think I have seen your trailer have I ?.
  11. kpthorsefan

    New trailer

    I used coach bolts, I will then weld the nuts to the bolts which will be done today all being well....
  12. kpthorsefan

    1979 wheelhorse c-141

    Thanks for that nigel.. I will have to look into it hangman and see..
  13. kpthorsefan

    New trailer

    Wheel carrier now attached to cross member, just need to weld nuts to the bolts when showers and wind drops..
  14. kpthorsefan

    New trailer

    When I got the trailer the spare wheel was held on with just one bolt, so I made up a wheel carrier out of some scrap metal, and used some locking wheel bolts that I had on a ford XR3i I once had, then I will bolt it down to the cross member and weld the nuts to the bolts..
  15. kpthorsefan

    New trailer

    Thanks mark.... A picture of my old trailer I built from scratch..