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  1. It's from the 1962 Sears Suburban, Farm Supplies and Fencing catalog. I have found this catalog to be a gold mine when it comes to identifying vintage Sears Equipment. Finding the O&R listed was a nugget!
  2. Dave, the pipes measure 1" O.D. they are thin wall aluminum. The air intake tube is around 39" in length. The fuel tank tube is 32" long. Not sure of the radius used, I need to bring my radius gauges home from work to get exacts. -Brian
  3. Dave, I will get some dimensions for the tubes later this week. The trimmer you posted the exploded diagram of is similar to the one in the Smokstak link.
  4. Factory, I think that is what this trimmer looked like. Did some more scrounging in the other shop this af'noon for a Stover engine ring set and found the other aluminum tube, which is the fuel tank! I guess I have more to this than I had thought. It's been around here for 35 years or so and I never paid much attention to it. I'm thinking my son tore it apart in the mid 90's. I don't remember it ever having the cutter head, cover or shield though.
  5. I have some of the parts to the trimmer but not much. I have the aluminum intake tube that slips over the air intake adapter. Also a clamp that possibly held two aluminum tubes together. One was a fuel tank I'm guessing. I'd love to find another. There has to be one out there in good shape, or with a bad engine I could put my engine on.
  6. From what I found about these, the "Trigger" was hooked by a cable to the trimmer head. Pulling the trigger let more plastic line out of the cutter head.
  7. Did some looking around in my shop and located the other O&R engine I have. This came off a Groomer trimmer. See the pics. It runs wide open all the time. It was built with a Tillotson HU that has no throttle shaft. Never had one. No choke either, just the primer button. The only thing to impede air flow into the engine is a screw that holds the base and reed plate in place. Installed a new diaphragms in the carb. I had this hooked up to a remote tank to run it. It sounds like an irritated bumblebee!
  8. Tried using Simple Green. It removed some debris but not all. Then on to vinegar. Nope, no results. Next was 2 psi of air pressure. Nope. Figured it was a lost cause. It got the drill. Back together and it's running. Started quite easily, maybe 6 pulls after pushing the primer button. Thanks to all for the help on this. My friend's eyes lit up when he saw it running. On to the next project...I think I've got a mid 60s vintage O&R around here somewhere...
  9. Whew!...Haven't tried anything yet so I'm still in the clear. I will go after it with some Simple Green or similar non destructive cleaner. Glad I found this site! ..I collect antique gas engines. You know, the old ones with the double flywheels.. I prefer oil field engines. Professionally, I've worked on everything from weed beaters to EMD locomotive engines. This little Drillgine has been an interesting project. I have 2 Wheel Horse tractors. A 1976 C-160 automatic with rear mounted tiller and a 1992 520-H with 2 stage snowthrower. I worked at dealer level and branch level for JD. I mow with a 1983 JD 318. Love that power steering..
  10. Brian Lynch

    Brian Lynch

  11. Cnew, I'm going to try a bout of carb cleaner with this like you did. Maybe I'll get lucky, maybe not.
  12. Hi all, First post. Not a small engine newbie, been in the field for close to 45 yrs. Had wrenches in my hands since I don't know when. Dabbled in bikes, sleds, mowers, etc. when I was young. Worked for a Wheel Horse dealer for 3 yrs, then went to John Deere for 10 yrs. Freelanced for another 15 with my own brick & mortar shop. Left the small engine repair business in 2012 but still keep my finger on the pulse of what is new. Recently I had a friend drop off a Drillgine to get running. It's in very good shape, has a 13B engine. My question pertains to the brass object attached to the diaphragm chamber. Is this a fuel filter or a check valve? Can't get any fuel through it. It looks like someone either tried to remove it at one time or replaced it.. The rest of the carb is in excellent condition. Thanks for your help! -Brian
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