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  1. Think the easiest way for me you all just send offers so I don’t have to drive myself crazy trying to chase around on this site to learn what’s what’s. Also I have what looks like near new scissor sharpening machine Nielsen (J-100 ) can’t find anything on it either yet made here In Eugene Oregon.
  2. Yes I will sell. I don’t know how to us this blog never replied on one ever ? Or how to go about it ?
  3. Just found your blog on Nichols generator. Almost gave up on finding anything on it. Cleaning out the old mans shop. Looks like it’s pretty clean unit. Compression seems real good, sucks my finger in hard. No gas storage in tank no cracks or bulging. No batteries in box but there is a small amount of scale from battery. I fix a lot of everything. From where sit I think it would run with small amount of clean out etc. can anyone give me an idea on what it’s worth? I’m retired and have to many other projects that come first. This unit been in shop as long I can remember. I’m sure it’s a 1 owner, I don’t remember ever seeing it run when I was a kid. Thanks for any feedback
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