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  1. danarmdave

    Danarmdave's Collection

    Unfortunately Danarmdave (my husband) died last year and his whole collection is now up for sale including all his Danarm chainsaws, McConnel saw bench, Model F Allen Scythes with saw bench attachments, Bonser Truck, Westwood Mowers etc. They are going up for auction next Saturday, May 27 at Pentland Livestock. Full details and pictures (scroll through to the end) are available at www.pentlandlivestock.co.uk.
  2. danarmdave

    just some of the collection

    Unfortunately Dave (the owner of all these saws) died last year and they are all up for auction through Pentland Livestock on 27th May. www.pentlandlivestock.co.uk
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  4. danarmdave

    jacobson f-133

    hi does anybody know where theres a jacobson f -133 lying looking for twin kohler engine just for spares thank you
  5. danarmdave

    kohler fuel pump

    hi looking for a kohler fuel pump or the address of someone who would stock one its a k 241 type works off cam its for the bonser thank you
  6. danarmdave

    suzuki 5hp

    suzuki 5 hp engine out of atco ride on s 200 model good condition runs well £120.00 07747165687
  7. danarmdave

    gutbrod 1017 grille

    hi looking for a grille for a 1017 gutbrod does anyone know where i could buy one many thanks danarmdave
  8. danarmdave

    bonser truck

    model no k301/t spec 4749d serial no 9741752 the bonser no 620910 thanks dave k
  9. danarmdave

    bonser truck

    hi everyone does anybody know how to put a year to a bonser truck 1 ton model with kohler engine pull start or kick thank you
  10. danarmdave

    vivian loyd motor sickle

    hi put vivian loyd into google and the pictures of one that has been on this site come up cheers
  11. danarmdave

    Engine identification??

    hi big bucks your petter engine looks like a att2 (a2 series 2) 1950s hope this helps
  12. danarmdave

    westwood t1100

    before we bought it the guys young sons used it to cut a paddock they had horses in and he said it kept on breaking down but did not say what happened as the engine was ok it suggests to me the belt kept coming off as it was off when we picked it up thanks danarmdave
  13. danarmdave

    westwood t1100

    hi i took it to the old guy at garden machinery place and he worried at it for about an hour and job done he just adjusted this /that and bent the belt guard to suit and as you say engage cutter before lowering was the first thing he said to me and he fitted a kevlar belt and seems to be working a treat now so fingers crossed thats it done thanks for everyones imput much appreciated danarmdave
  14. danarmdave

    westwood t1100

    rebuilt /all metalwork done on top new bearings /new cutter blade /all new bolts ect /new belt
  15. danarmdave

    westwood t1100

    decks just been rebuilt so is fine i might take it to the local garden machinery theres a guy whos been there since the sixties so he will maybe have an idea if not then charlies idea will be brought into force will try and get photos up monday as busy getting auction stuff ready for sunday thanks dave k