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home made metal folder.

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As requested i have started this thread for my home built sheet metal folder.



I could have bought a bench mounted folder, but they limit the width of steel, and the depth if making a tight box. You also can't make something like this with multiple angled bends, no cutting and welding were involved to make this panel.



It's a similar design I copied from a friend, made from various thick box section and plate. the ram is one of these gear pullers,



The lower 'V' block is a small section of proper press brake tooling i bought from scrap.

Unfortunately I couldn't find the upper part, so that's made using a 4" bolster chisel cut down. It works well but but just not as clean a fold, so i'm still looking for an upper piece of tooling to cut down in to different width.


Its very versatile making panels like these,



The downside is it takes a while to make a long fold due to the winding of the mechanism involved, but if i could find an upper 'V' tooling to make a wider piece that would help, and i see they do a hydraulic operated gear puller now so may invest in one of those one day ;)


Any questions ask away. I'll try and get some pics up later of just the tool, these pics were taken intending to show the work piece not the tool :)


Panel work shown from my thread here for ease in future reference:


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Fantastic and straight forward idea, I wish I had thought of that. It would be good to see a close up of where the chisel mates with the tooling.

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