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Nigel made me do it!

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1 hour ago, meadowfield said:

Looks a lot safer than why not!


It's not as fast or fun and a lot harder to get in and out of!    Oh, and the steering feels like WN's when you drove it!



1 hour ago, nigel said:

That's Ian's road going car  he looks very manly behind the wheel:D


No chance :D



1 hour ago, Stormin said:

Be great road registered. :D


I'm not sure other road users would agree when it causes 10 mile tailbacks!



12 minutes ago, the showman said:

Nigel got Ian to test it because he couldn't get in it


2 minutes ago, Stormin said:

Maybe get in. But would he be able to get out?


Strangely Nigel managed to get in and out of it.....   I was just in too much shock to get the camera :D

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