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The 1254 fires up for the first time in 15 years....

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The 1254 is the first Bolens I ever bought and I owed it to the old girl to get her up and running. My mate, Daniel, offered his services to get her going. He made up a new loom a while back and thanks to Rick I bought a fuel tank off him and from Brian some belts and coil. Another contact in the States, Alain, sourced me a set of stators.


 I am really chuffed to hear that it is up and running, albiet briefly. Daniel informed me that "The head gasket is leaking oil out and over the exhaust manifold, i suppose this is good and bad, good that the oil is circulating the engine, but possible the rings are gone for there to be oil above the piston? The carb isn't leaking on the joint as bad but i have been turning the fuel tap off so it may do if left long enough, it is dribbling past the float, and from the adjustment screw, but nothing to loose sleep over."




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