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Project Budget Sachs Diesel Howard Gem.

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Ive started to turn my attention to the

backend. As you may of seen originally

I was going to use a set off a

Dowdeswell. However without going into

boring rivet counting details, these arent

quite correct for a machine of this age.

The other day I managed to do a swap for

some engine parts for  these covers which

are period correct.

Overall they are in very good condition,

however Ive already welded the trailing

back into place and a bit of straightening

is also needed.

Digging through my store Ive also turned

up an original spec serial number plate.







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Thanks for your compliments. Still a few things to do, including the rotor shaft and chain case, but can now see the end.

This morning I applied the decals on the rear end plus fitted the tool box. Photos to follow.

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10 hours ago, Anglo Traction said:

What more can one say Gareth?. Classic example where a combination of addiction and quality work only produces perfection. Well worth the effort (and the aches 'n' pains) :bow:   

Thank you Richard.  It's machines like yours and many others on here that inspire me to do mine. You're certainly right about the aches and pains, my health in terms of my joints is deteriating to the point I'm not sure how many more of these gems I can undertake, plus I'm seriously running out of room. After this and the Dowdeswell is finished, I think I'm going to have a break from them.

My next project is going to be finishing off a toylander that is half done, never one to do it the easy way I'm converting this one to Honda power rather than the usually used invalidity scooters. A GX 200 will just fit under the bonnet with a cut out in the under tray and the bulkhead.  The power will then be transferred via a centifrugal clutch to a ride on mower gearbox. To take the extra weight there's going to have to be a box section chassis squeezed in as well. I did toy with idea of 4x4 like the real thing but have ruled it out on space and cost grounds. At least with it I can do most the work in the warm living room rather than outside during the winter in the cold.

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