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Dowdeswell 650

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One of the reasons that work on my Sachs Gem has been slow recently

is that I have dug this 650 out. As a lot of you may know in 1985 Howard

went into receivership and Dowdeswell purchased the design rights to

The Gem.

In 1986 production started back up with a few small changes. As ive got

G206 ( I still haven't yet managed to turn up a Gem with a lower serial

number) I thought that they would look good side by side to show how little

the design changed over 50 odd years.

I spotted this example on good old ebay. It looked in quite a sorry state but

after having the factory records checked it showed up that this very machine

was Dowdeswells exhibition model on their stand at The Windsor show in

1987-Does anyone have any photos from this year please? It is also quite

likely but I don't have definite proof that it was also featured in the one sales

Brochure and Dowdeswell's magazine called Tillage.





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17 minutes ago, pmackellow said:

Great addition to your collection Gareth, and a great comparison between this and G206 :thumbs:


Thanks Paul, that's the plan.

One of the things that I got on with first was the engine. It was stripped

down, valves reground etc(no points on this one). Then the paint was

stripped, the air filter housing and tank repaired (new ones were redicoulas

prices) then everything was painted in the nearest shade of red that I had.

Then some excellent decals from Titch were applied.





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Heres the main chasis with the top coat on. And in the 3rd

photo the engine is back together. Just the exhaust needs

changing and waiting on one more decal.




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Heres a few photos of todays progress. New tyres fitted

( don't know where they came from but found them in my

shed). New exhaust fitted (again was on the shelf in my

shed).  And the pipe was painted in some VHT silver.

The final photo shows how bad the recoil starter and the

flywheel screen was. The screen had to come from America

but the recoil...yep you've guessed it!








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One thing that's really been bugging me is the

pitting in the cover over the top of the cylinder

head, so today when I was applying stopper to

the under belly of my Sachs Gem I also gave

this a quick skim.

Also fitted the new badges to this one aswell.



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14 hours ago, Stormin said:

 They look good together, Darren. I think the Dowdeswell looks the tidier machine in the engine department.

I think you must be mixing me up, lol., im Gareth.

Ive got to admit whereas the Dowdeswell engine is less cluttered the bonnet on the Sachs has grown on me.

(Probably because ive seen it every day in the workshop since January).

I don't think the lack of fuel tank on the frame looks right on the 650,Guess its just what you get used to?

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