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Display stands.

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  Last year I made a couple of display stands. Simple T design, similar to ones made by The Showman. These just press into the ground and information board mounted across the top.

  At the HVC rally at Carlisle airport on the coming weekend, the entries are mainly on hard standing. Thinking drilling holes in the runway wouldn't go down well, I had a root around and found a pair of plastic wheels and some scrap ply board.

  Screwed each wheel to a piece of board, then a splash of paint and viola the result below. The stand spikes are a good push fit in the wheel centres.





  Still not very stable in breezy/windy conditions and the airfield is certainly breezy. I have in my store shed a large jar of lead shot, left over from when I reloaded shotgun cartridges. Tomorrow the wheels will be filled with shot. That should stop them blowing over.

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