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  1. Every detail is perfect to me and as I was viewing your thread the wife came in and was peeking to see what I was looking at. She commented that the grass had red paint on it.............
  2. I'm late with the birthday wishes. But have all the best intentions for you and I hope you had a very happy birthday Ian.
  3. Chris I gotta tell ya I have the utmost respect for you having the patience to do projects like you do restoring old horses and giving them a second chance in life. That being said after working on commission at GM Dealerships I have zero patience for any kind of project. It was drummed into my head that we must complete all repairs and return to the customer within 24 hrs. And yes I see a psychiatrist twice a week because of it and I retired in 2013......
  4. Thanks mates. My wife has been home from work for about 3 hours now and has no clue it's my birthday........ Feels good to hear it from friends like you!
  5. That is the exact dozer I had in mind. A reinforced steel canopy so when I screw up the tree wont smash me in the drivers seat and the wife won't be able to collect the life insurance for hopefully many years to come. I know a couple guys down in that area I can call on to give it a look over and I hope a test run. I will be at the mercy of delivery charges as I don't have a Kenworth and a lowboy trailer to transport......... Poor people always seem to have poor ways and that's me mate........
  6. I want to thank you all for your help and information first of all. I am paying close attention to your answers. I have a life time of diag. and repair on cars and trucks at Chevrolet Dealerships but none on heavy equipment. Pockets not very deep as I retired in 2013 . I can hardly use my big chainsaw these days and rely on my tiny Stihl trimming saw to get me by. I guess I want a machine I can knock down, drag and pile various size timber to clear 2 pastures. Whether to sell or burn. Nobody can diagnose a problem over the phone/ internet without specific's and I have given you guys close to none. I just want to thank all of you for your time and help here. I will see what I can make happen here in Southern Iowa now!!!
  7. I have some friends in North Carolina that swear by tiger cat stumpers as you will see in the video. I am looking for an all in one machine I can push down and drag the trees. Not in a huge rush to get the job done but a dozer seems to keep coming to my mind as I see them clearing land in my area all the time. I have been told a D8 or D9 but those are 100 grand and far above my budget. What does a good used D6 go for in US dollars in OZ ianoz? Here is the Canadian machines working in the timber.
  8. I spent 40 years working at GM Dealerships doing diagnosis and repairs of cars, trucks, and medium duty trucks. Got promoted to shop foreman and lead technician then service manager. Admittedly I have limited knowledge of Dozers but I turned wrenches all my life and can load a new tube of grease in a grease gun in record time. Getting dirty and crawling around on the ground is normal for me. I maintain all my own equipment and will until the day I die..........
  9. Sounds like a good time to me. The Grizzly bar has saved many a Yukon gold strip miner a ton of trouble (at the very least.. And its bad when the bolder you didn't in the bucket breaks the bars....... ) I understand you can't take pictures and please don't . Your job is way more important than pictures on an internet forum!!! Thanks for posting this thread. I know for a fact members here are very interested in hearing and reading the heavy equipment threads. Karl done good in my humble opinion for suggesting you guys make My Old Machine your new home base!!!!!
  10. DougC

    Cat D7F

    If using your D7 to push down trees would the roof structure be sound enough to save your life if a tree came backwards and fell on you..... That has happened to me in the past in an open station tractor and one with a cab. I lived both times without injury but pinched a hole in the seats both times............
  11. DougC

    Cat D7F

    I always used them to chase the kids off my lawn................ Hey you kids! Get off my lawn! Then fire up the bulldozer They scatter................
  12. Awesome Oldfolk. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my questions. I am looking to clear 20 acres of locust about half of which is the killer black thorny trees. Tires are not an option. With the estimates I have gotten so far from some independent contractors I am sure I would be money ahead to do it myself if I don't overspend on a crawler machine. I have no semi tractor trailer to haul it around. It would be used on my property and then advertised for sale when done. The trees are mostly 48 inch in diameter and reach toward the sky for sunlight. I would sell firewood to those that wanted to bring their saw and haul it away and then doze the rest in a pile and burn it. I have an annoying neighbor I might consider chasing around with it as well........... Thank you for any advice you can give me in advance..... Norm I wish I could give it all to you but can't afford to ship it from Iowa to the U.K mate.....
  13. Sounds good to me. No hurry at all. No deadline my friend.
  14. That is the machine this forum wants to view. It is definatly your old machine!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. The gold strip miners in the Yukon and Alaska can rip through the permafrost with the D-10's Massive machine indeed. I would love to operate one at some point. Guess I'll put it on my bucket list......... Thanks for the pictures ianoz!!!!!!!!!!!
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